EPAM is the #1
software services and solutions provider
from Central and Eastern Europe

We achieved our success through almost two decades of line-by-line hand crafting of complex solutions. From software products to core business applications, EPAM has provided expert consulting, development, testing, support and infrastructure services to many of the world’s leading organizations. As the world of technology has evolved, so has our distributed delivery model which now includes advanced capabilities in running Agile and Lean engagements in a mix of Onshore/NearShore and Offshore models. Our style is always pragmatic and transparent, forming the backbone for our delivery approach. Our processes and tools give us a platform for distributed delivery. Our people are world class engineers and our results speak for themselves. We deliver complex solutions to clients around the world; and always with pride, passion and an eye towards perfection.

As we grow into a global, not just regional, leader in software and application outsourcing, we recognize that the differentiators that make us excel today are the same as those that made EPAM different at our inception:

Our People

Our People have been and continue to be our number one asset. By taking some of the best technical talent in the world and combining it with highly organized, stable and predictable delivery organizations, we’ve consolidated EPAM’s advantage to become the #1 IT Employer in our region. From its inception EPAM was an employer of choice for some of the best minds in Central & Eastern Europe, and today, we not only continue to attract those minds, we help grow them through our evolving network of university and training initiatives and our award-winning tools and delivery practices. About 11,500+ EPAM associates now enjoy the privilege of working with a growing list of Fortune 500 firms and some of the most innovative software product companies in the world.

Our Clients

Our Clients are our true partners in growth. Unlike other outsourcing providers, EPAM came to life as a high-end software product R&D delivery company. Several decades ago EPAM was trusted by some of the most respected names in the software product industry to solve complex technical challenges. Today, our teams are integral parts of R&D and engineering efforts that cross products and industries – through massive transformation and consolidation, through changing and emerging markets and through variable economic conditions. As we’ve grown and evolved, EPAM’s ability to provide insight and depth of competency across business, technology, and industry domains has grown into a true partnership with our clients - a partnership based on trust, transparency and respect. Today, many of clients who include global leaders in Financial Services, Media, Publishing, Travel, and Software, call EPAM their preferred software engineering and IT outsourcing partner.

Our Delivery Focus

Our Delivery Focus has not wavered from our inception, even as our capabilities, tools, and practices have evolved over time. Our Global Delivery Ecosystem didn’t come out of a traditional outsourcing or staff augmentation business. Its first version was created more than decade ago to accommodate the needs of our customers across multiple continents and lines of business and to ensure consistent product-grade quality in every engineering deliverable. The tools and processes, with which EPAM today offers its quality services, were built on the understanding that in order to maximize the value of distributed delivery, we have to support a high degree of collaboration and maximum transparency not only between our teams, but between our teams and our clients' teams. Our Project Management Center now supports a range of engagement models, and a full set of traditional SDLC and Agile methodologies. It integrates with many market tools - from time keeping, to versioning to quality control. Today, this delivery focus remains a key value for EPAM and our clients.

Our History

Rooted in our History and our track record of success, EPAM continues to grow our capability in high-end software engineering services and complex technology platforms. Through increased specialization in focused verticals and a continued emphasis on strategic partnerships, we are leveraging our roots in software engineering to become a recognized brand in IT services and software development. Eastern Europe as an outsourcing target has been gaining momentum during the last years and outshines most established outsourcing hot spots as a unique destination for challenging mission-critical engineering projects and sophisticated IT solutions.



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