EPAM Delivers 6 Award Winning Agile Applications for Screwfix to Help Increase the Company’s Market Share

The client needed to deploy six new applications spanning multiple channels and enable an integrated sales order, finance and distribution process to increase its customer loyalty and satisfaction in a very short period of time. EPAM’s team incorporated a true top-to-bottom agile approach, one of the key principles of which was the adoption of Behavior Driven Development.

EPAM Delivers Santa Maria’s New Responsive Site on EPiServer to Launch Brand in UK

Expanding to the UK, Santa Maria required a new localized website that would support the brand’s mission of becoming the leading Mexican food products company in Europe. Santa Maria commissioned EPAM’s team to work a full cycle from product architecture design to front-end implementation and testing.

EPAM Delivers Full-Scale Testing for Castorama Mobile App, Automates 65% Testing

Castorama invited EPAM to deliver a mobile application that would provide an extensive toolset for DIY shoppers including Augmented Reality Product Management, Commerce Module, Store Locator, YouTube Video Channel, Universal Scanner, Calculator and others.

New Content-Rich Cruise Booking Website on Drupal with Focus on SEO and Performance

The Customer saw the need for a game-changing digital channel for cruise. The solution was heavily based on Drupal content management, and EPAM had to configure multiple Drupal add-ons to support the site.

EPAM Migrates a Low-cost Airline’s Distribution Platform and Web Presence

Alongside a team of vendors supporting the initiative, EPAM was the partner that led the infrastructure design, front-end development, and operations. EPAM also created a new booking framework by expanding most of the new platform’s default code.

EPAM Revisits User Interface and Improves Performance for Market Leader in Automated Network Products

The Customer’s network engineering team was looking for assistance with UI development to make the interface more responsive and intuitive. EPAM performance and UX engineers were invited to take part in this mission that also included such challenges as high risk of regressions and a limited amount of available resources.

EPAM Systems Delivers Award-Winning Cloud App to Unfors RaySafe in order to Minimize Patient X-ray Radiation Exposure

Unfors RaySafe turned to EPAM Systems due to the positive experience of collaborating with EPAM in the past. The solution co-developed between the two companies is known as RaySafe S1. The total scope of EPAM’s services included the RaySafe S1 architecture design, the product vision, project management, business analysis, UI/UX, implementation, testing, and support of the production infrastructure.

Predrag Mitic
VP Patient and Occupational Dosimetry, RaySafe

Not only that design and application usability of RaySafe S1 is outstanding, the EPAM team managed integration within medical areas connecting X-ray equipment and a radiology information system based on DICOM/HL7/IHE communication standard.

Mark Dermody
CIO, Wiggle
Working with EPAM has allowed Wiggle to deliver new functionality quickly and extend the delivery proposition available to our UK customers. EPAM is an important partner in enabling us to scale our capability to deliver IT change while maintaining quality.

EPAM Helps Wiggle Implement Strategic Collect+ Delivery Option to Provide Shipping Diversity and Encourage Higher Conversion Rates

Wiggle was looking to diversify available delivery options by adding Collect+ to standard postal delivery. To implement this strategic delivery option, Wiggle invited a team of EPAM’s professionals whose mission was to extend Wiggle’s existing online ordering system to support a new delivery method.

EPAM Delivers New Scalable Reporting Portal for PayPal Media Network

EPAM was invited to develop and implement a new architecture and reporting portal for PayPal Media Network within a short timeframe. With the goal to optimize response time for reporting and improve maintainability, EPAM worked as a part of the larger PayPal team across both U.S. coasts to develop and implement a complex reporting solution critical to PPMN’s business operations. 

EPAM Delivers Mobile Database Application for Children Needing Adoption to Support Kazakhstan Charity Fund

EPAM Systems has supported the “Mercy Volunteer Society” charity fund since 2011, when EPAM employees initiated the Pro Bono Usynovite.kz web portal. In 2013, EPAM set out to take this mission further by creating a mobile application for the Database that was EPAM’s another pro bono project for Mercy Volunteer Society. 

Sabrient Systems chooses EPAM to build apps for Bloomberg App Store

In July 2012, Sabrient Systems launched an initiative to potentially expand company’s client base by extending its product offerings to over 300,000 buy-side professionals. To undertake this initiative, Sabrient took advantage of a very powerful Bloomberg service—Bloomberg App Store. To make this happen, Sabrient decided to partner with EPAM Systems.

Scott Brown
President, Sabrient Systems
EPAM provided us with impeccable development and QA service, completing our first project on time and budget. They understand our subject matter and act pro-actively.

VisiQuate chooses EPAM as its Strategic Offshore Development Partner

VisiQuate, a leader in SaaS-delivered Enterprise Performance Management, was looking to build an offshore Center of Excellence (CoE) to help deliver and support its Enterprise and Business Performance Management (EPM/BPM/BI) solutions. After examining three locations and three vendors, they chose EPAM.

Leading Auction House chooses EPAM for a Strategic Internet Initiative

Sotheby’s partnered with EPAM to implement a modern web content management system along with a flexible and unified content repository.  Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform technology was selected for its comprehensive content management tools and its focus on online marketing and communications.

Rapid Business Change through Collaborative Agility

Rapid Business Change through Collaborative Agility

Rapid Business Change through Collaborative Agility

Screwfix wanted to change its development approach to enable a higher quality, faster and more responsive delivery capability. This in turn could facilitate the replacement of its legacy systems with a robust and scaleable SOA backbone supporting a new multi-channel e-Commerce platform.
To achieve this, Screwfix turned to EPAM as a nearshore parter to both fill the technology knowledge gap and also build a long term Agile development team.

EPAM Partners with SEPHORA to Launch a New Best-in-Class Ecommerce Digital Experience

SEPHORA was in need of a robust ecommerce solution with unparalleled website functionality — to bring their customers the same seamless and intuitive shopping experience they had come to expect in-store. Using Oracle ATG Web Commerce technology, EPAM helped create an ecommerce website unparalleled in the beauty category.

Gabriele Viebach
Group CEO, eZ Systems
EPAM is a great partner for eZ Systems. Our customers are driving innovation through the web and EPAM’s Content Competency Center can offer the right solutions and support services required to drive a truly compelling web experience.

FAST and FIX Protocol Implementations for MICEX

MICEX teamed up with B2BITS®, EPAM Systems' Capital Markets Competency Center to create an open Market Data interface compliant with the standard Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol.

EPAM Creates a Service Portal with a Unique Service Catalogue, Customised Design, and Flexible Access Rights

EPAM Service Portal fully covers ITIL® processes such as incident, service calls, problem and quality management. What’s more, ESP is used for servicing both internal and external users of EPAM’s systems. The portal offers EPAM’s customers unique service catalogues, customised design and flexible access rights.

EPAM Cloud Competency Center delivers EPAM Private Cloud as new internal development infrastructure

EPAM’s infrastructure used for 500+ customer projects day-to-day required major improvements, including its integration with EPAM’s internal systems, to make it fast, predictable, transparent, and available for every employee via self-service. With no suitable product on the market, EPAM Systems unrolled an in-house project focused on cloud computing as an essential part of the modern IT world and powerful enabler.

Scott Booker
President, Hotels.com Worldwide
We constantly track metrics on our multiple vendors and EPAM consistently achieves high scores in assessment of the teams’ average experience, seniority, level of English language skills, low staff turnover and in their ability to scale as we need to add resources to meet our growing demands and to adapt to our changing needs of technology skills. Overall the flexibility, agility, domain and soft skills are a significant differentiator that allows us to continue to build out our strong product offering and grow the overall business.

International Power Company Gets a Transparent Standardized SAP Solution in CIS

With the help of its Global SAP Partner, the Company has designed an SAP template. Its implementation required sufficient knowledge of the Ukrainian financial legal requirements, initially lacked by the Company’s Global Partner. To fill the gap, EPAM was invited to carry out the implementation process due to its SAP expertise and in-depth knowledge of the local requirements in the CIS countries.

EPAM Delivers Embedded Solutions from Hardware to Cloud for a Big Cloud Storage Provider

Sabrient Systems chooses EPAM to build apps for Bloomberg App Store

Sabrient Systems chooses EPAM to build apps for Bloomberg App Store

Sabrient Systems chooses EPAM to build apps for Bloomberg App Store

The Customer was looking to grow its capacity through cost-effective and scalable solutions. The focus was on reaching higher ROI due to optimized data management systems. For these purposes, the Customer invited EPAM professionals with robust experience in storages, consumer electronics and appliance management.

Award Winning Web Platform for a Leading International Hotelier

EPAM Systems developed and deployed a new Web Platform that has been ranked #1 in 2012 among Digital Solutions for the Hospitality Industry.

EPAM Develops Market Data Pages for Regional Bank

Our client started a major initiative to expand its Wealth Management unit. For the most part, this initiative involved launching a section of the bank’s site dedicated to equity and mutual fund research analysis catered to bank’s retail clients. EPAM was selected to build and operate web-based solution components to be integrated into the bank’s Wealth Management site.

Renat Konurbaev
Head of Development and Direct Insurance Department, Rosgosstrakh
We weren’t simply looking for someone to implement technology, but rather an equal partner in this engagement. After establishing the broad business goal and generally outlining the components and interfaces of the system, we relied on EPAM’s experience and competency to work out the details and come up with the finished technology solution - and they fully justified our trust and lived up to our expectations. EPAM Systems designed and implemented the architectural foundation and most of the sophisticated functional blocks required for the website.

EPAM Increases Productivity and Cuts Costs through Search

In order to increase the sales and presales teams’ efficiency by making it easier to find relevant documentation as well as improve collaboration between EPAM’s geographically distributed divisions EPAM decided to combine FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint with its own commercially available information management product—InfoNgen.

EPAM Delivers Enterprise Level Business Intelligence Services to a Large European Mobile Operator

Rapid Business Change through Collaborative Agility

Rapid Business Change through Collaborative Agility

The Customer was looking for an outsourcing service provider to extend development support to its multiple BI projects. The outsourcing provider should have met high security standards (including ISAE 3000 (SAS 70) certificate) and provide a scalable team of BI experts for the Telecom field with good technical, language and communication skills.

EPAM Building 700 Person Strong ODC in CIS for a Leading Global Investment Bank

A leading global investment bank was looking to expand and consolidate its IT capacity cost effectively in an offshore location. EPAM established a standalone ODC in the CIS Region for the Company. EPAM now serves all of the Company’s business areas for their offices in the Americas, EMEA and APAC, providing them with comprehensive Application Development, Application Testing and Application Management Services.

EPAM Provides Agile Testing Within a Center of Excellence for a Case Management Solutions Vendor

The Company decided to deploy their products on a quarterly basis instead of less effective yearly builds. From the start, EPAM suggested moving to the Scrum methodology to leverage best-in-class testing practices, enabling Agility and thus ensuring flexibility and higher responsiveness to market needs. With a view of developing a long-lasting, strong partnership, EPAM established a dedicated Center of Excellence for the Company that embraced the entire testing effort.

Brian Robertson
Founder and CEO, VisiQuate
Beyond their ability to build high-quality Industry leading software products, what impressed me about EPAM is how much they care about creating tangible business value for the end user. Throughout the development process, they offer great wisdom, insight, and creativity about the design and effectiveness of the end product. This is critically important to us, because we focus like a laser beam on creating solutions that provide both a great user experience and compelling ROI opportunity for our clients.

EPAM Partners with One of the World’s Largest Media Conglomerates to Streamline Complex Content Distribution Workflow

To help the Company operate in a dynamic environment and leverage multiple applications/tools/websites, EPAM was selected as a technology partner and preferred outsourcing vendor. The dedicated ADM team EPAM has established for the Company is currently involved in over 20 active projects utilizing a wide range of technologies in multiple areas.

Outsourced Center of Excellence for Largest CPG Company

As an experienced outsourcing services “consumer”, the Company is continually looking for more effective ways to enhance the transparency, flexibility and resiliency of their IT operations. With a strategic view to the relationship, EPAM established a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) with the Company to develop and refine a Managed Delivery Model for them that would maximize innovation and further streamline the development processes being used there.

Stanislav Protassov
Senior Vice President Engineering, Parallels
EPAM was able to bring the processes and tools we needed to fully test our products. By engaging EPAM, we were not only able to improve our overall test coverage and the total quality of our products, but also shrink the time needed to bring our products to the market and free up our teams.

A Leading European Retail Group Teams with EPAM to Update its e-Commerce Footprint

The Company, a leading European Retailing Group with over 800 stores in 16 countries across Europe and Asia, turned to EPAM in 2009 to enhance the functionality of the sales portal for one of their main retail divisions. In addition to the portal uplift, EPAM also worked with the Company on ways to expand sales via the creation of a mobile sales-channel. By improving their eCommerce portal and extending their reach into mobile platforms, EPAM has help the Company to both boost sales across their business lines and improve their customer satisfaction levels.

Global Employee Portal to Integrate 100,000 Employees Worldwide

EPAM helps the world's largest beverage company improve the way they work with a Global Employee Portal reaching over 25,000 employees in 100 countries. Connecting the Global workforce with business information and mission critical applications, the Portal becomes the central hub of the employee community.

EPAM Brings Testing Expertise to Parallels

EPAM started the engagement with Parallels by providing a core team of Automation Experts from our Testing Competency Center. Our engineers conducted a full review of Parallels testing strategy, approach and frameworks, resulting in EPAM taking over their existing testing work and extending the existing frameworks it with new features.

EPAM Develops Core Products for One of the Top Global Software Companies

EPAM had worked with the Company since 2002, developing numerous software solutions that had met with market success.
The key to taking on this more substantial role was the establishment of a dedicated Offshore Development Center that could support the entire Software Development Lifecycle for the Company.

EPAM CIS Insurance Competency Center

To effectively meet the IT challenges faced by companies in the insurance industry, EPAM established the EPAM Insurance Competency Center (EICC). The EICC provides a structured environment for us to consolidate and share our expertise in organizing and automating insurance business processes. The best practices formalized by our EICC help us offer a strong foundation for development and delivery of the specific types of high quality services demanded by insurance companies and their networks of agents.

Shannon Delage
VP – Worldwide Director of Digital Marketing, Sotheby’s
The implementation of a centralized asset management system empowered our content production team to nimbly and flexibly update the site on a daily basis providing our clients with the most relevant and up-to-date information on upcoming auctions.  The team at EPAM adeptly translated our offline and decentralized processes to a fully integrated system that increased our ability to produce content quickly on a daily basis.

Mobile Apps to Ensure Real-Time Data Delivery

The Company required a partner able to help them respond to their customer rapid and growing demand to access their content on mobile devices; to understand their applications, technology and infrastructure. EPAM met and surpassed all this requirements and short time has been able to help the customer bring to market very innovative mobile applications for different platforms and is helping the Customer chart their mobile strategy.

Loyalty Solution for Major Online Travel Agency

EPAM helps the largest Online Travel Agency in the world reinvent Customer Rewards by launching a brand new loyalty program that rewards consumers for booking flights, hotels, packages and activities.

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