WebVisions Barcelona 04 July 2015

IED Barcelona Escuela Superior de Diseño, Carrer de Biada, 11, Barcelona, Spain

Join EPAM’s Cathy Wang, Director of User Experience Design, session on The Design Thinking Transformation in Business. In this session, Cathy wants to explore what business design means. As designers, how do we use what we know to build stronger businesses? As we continue to adapt design methodologies and systems thinking to a business context, what other manifestations that will evolve? How can design thinking be leveraged in even the most straight-laced silos of a business such as Human Resources and Finance? How do we give design thinking the space it needs in the face of traditional business practice? And most importantly, how do we use our existing design thinking knowledge, to design businesses?

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Digital Hollywood Media Summit New York 04 - 05 March 2015

Bohemian National Hall, The Czech Center & Consulate, 73rd Street, New York, USA

Rob Koch, EPAM's Global Head of Media and Entertainment, and Martin Focazio, Managing Director, Strategic Services, will be attending the DH Media Summit New York, held March 4-5. The Summit is the premier conference on Broadband, Mobile, Advertising, Television, Film, Cable & Satellite, Publishing, Radio, Magazines, News & Print Media and Marketing. The event draws over 750 of the country's top media, entertainment and technology executives.

Martin Focazio has been invited to share his expertise on The Strategic Workshop:

"The Internet-Hollywood-Network Connection - Ubiquitous Broadband - Ubiquitous Content" - Hybrid TV - Delivering the Ultimate TV Experience: Broadcast, Cable, Premium & OTT Content.

March 4th, 2:15 PM - 3:30 PM, The Library, 3rd floor

We invite you to attend our session and connect EPAM’s industry experts in person.  

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Agile Methods in the Finance Sector Conference 26 February 2015

Millennium Gloucester Hotel, 4-18 Harrington Gardens, London, UK

EPAM are sponsoring the prestigious Agile Methods in the Finance Sector Conference held on February 26th in London.  EPAM Agile experts Dennis Alexander and Natalia Stepashko will be presenting a real example of Agile in projects at a Global Investment Bank. EPAM’s presentation will address how Agile is also being used more in core systems as well in front office applications.

Agile development offers solutions to many of the challenges in banking and financial services, and the complex and unique requirements of financial services are now drawing more and more on Agile to drive both 'Change the Bank’ as well as 'Run the Bank' programs and processes. 

We encourage you to attend this event, and we’re delighted to present you with a 15% discount on the registration fee as a guest of EPAM. To sign up simply mention ‘EPAM Systems’ in the comments section of the registration on the link here, or send an email at john_burton@epam.com.

Naturally our executives will be on hand to meet with you at our booth and answer questions you may have on what it means to Think Agile.

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