10 December 2014
Balazs Fejes

Automation and Digitalization of the Wealth Management Space

In this article, Balazs Fejes, SVP and Global Head of Financial Services at EPAM, looks at what is driving the need for automation in the wealth management space, the key benefits of applying digital technology to parts of the process and how automated services can be effectively used across multiple investment accounts and investment firms.

14 November 2014
Jonathan Camhi

4 Key Trends From the Citi Mobile Challenge

Presenters at the Citi Mobile Challenge demo day demonstrated how mobile is changing financial services.

03 November 2014
Balazs Fejes

Digital Transformation in Corporate Banking

The demands and behaviours of corporate institutions have become increasingly complex, particularly in relation to their banking relationships. In his latest article, Balazs Fejes, SVP and Global Head of Financial Services at EPAM Systems, looks at the continued acceleration of convergence between the retail and corporate worlds, the changing expectations of corporate clients as they embrace the digital revolution and why there has never been a more challenging time for banks to serve their corporate customers.

29 October 2014
Vance Cariaga

Technology Outsourcer EPAM Systems Knows The Big Deal

After spending most of its 21 years going after smaller contracts and growing them into much larger ones, EPAM Systems is aiming for bigger game.

24 September 2014

Liberty Global Announces 2014 Vendor Awards at its Annual Technology Summit

Liberty Global plc, an international telecommunications and television company, recently announced the winners of its 2014 Vendor Awards.

20 August 2014
Balazs Fejes

Software Is Increasingly Driving Competitiveness in Financial Markets but Have Banks Arrived at the Party Too Late?

The most competitive firms recognize that the future of customer engagement and product delivery lies in the application of software to enable more efficient and cost effective offerings. In his blog, Balazs Fejes, SVP and Global Head of Financial Services at EPAM, looks at the explosion of financial services start-up firms who are challenging banks in a number of their core business areas and asks whether banks acceptance of software as the future driver for change has come too little, too late.

19 August 2014
Balazs Fejes

No More False Starts: Time For mPOS To Get Unified

Mobile in retail is now a $7.8billion business and mPOS device shipments are expected to grow by 95 percent worldwide this year. In his blog, Balazs Fejes looks at the current challenges that still exist in the mPOS space and explains the technology, usage and cost hurdles that need to be overcome before mPOS can really deliver on its promise.

12 August 2014
Grant Crowell

“Digitally Human” – Crafting UX Strategy with Cathy Wang

Cathy Wang, Director of User Experience for the EPAM Empathy Lab in London, shares about her personal journey to becoming a UX Designer, the fundamentals of Experience Strategy and the role it plays in business, along with the importance of designing for the multi-screen and building empathy into our digital devices, and into our our own selves.

04 August 2014
Balazs Fejes

Big Brother Has Your Data, And That’s OK

The availability of new types of data from digital channels is playing a pivotal role in generating new insights into customer needs and behaviors. In his blog, Balazs Fejes looks at what challenges banks face in their ability to use customer data and drive real value from targeted product marketing in the same way that online retailers have been able to.

22 July 2014
Balazs Fejes

Data Integration Is Key For Banks To Capitalize On The Digital Opportunity

Reliance on outdated methods of data capture, retention and use represents a real threat to banks business models in the future. In his blog, Balazs Fejes, SVP and Global Head of Financial Services at EPAM Systems, looks at how the move towards digital is enabling banks to pursue a broader range of opportunities with their customers, however, outdated and insecure techniques for managing customer data continues to stifle their development.

14 July 2014
Balazs Fejes

Omnichannel Banking Needs To Be More Strategic

Omnichannel has become little more than a buzz-word and an unrealistic vision for the retail banking sector. In his blog, Balazs Fejes, SVP and Global Head of Financial Services at EPAM Systems looks to dispel the myth about the application of an omnichannel approach to retail banking. He believes that unlike the consumer retail markets, where the term was coined, the ability for banks to provide all services, across all channels, to all people is an unrealistic ideal.  

14 July 2014
Pete Barlas

EPAM Systems Stock Rebounds After Regional Fears

Investor’s Business Daily and Forrester Analyst Charles Green review EPAM’s stock history as the company regains its financial stability and exceeds Wall Street expectations despite political unrest in the Ukraine.

23 June 2014
Balazs Fejes

Banks Must Lose Their Baggage to Enable Innovation

As customer requirements are increasing, they raise the bar of service expectation and increase demand for precisely tailored solutions. Why are banks lagging behind leading retailers and falling short of providing a truly seamless, omni-channel experience? In the blog, EPAM’s Balazs Fejes, SVP, global head of financial services business unit outlines how to lose the “baggage” of obsolete back-office systems and rise up to customer expectations.

20 June 2014

Simplified CRM Initiatives to Drive Customer Value

As EPAM entered the list of 20 Most Promising Solution Providers in Travel and Hospitality 2014, CIOReview interviewed Elaina Shekhter, Global Head of Travel and Consumer Industry Business Unit at EPAM, on systems personalizing the digital physical space, customer engagement, and EPAM’s future as a technology integrator.

15 May 2014

When Speed is Not the Only Factor

The Trading Mesh spoke with Mark Bisker, Head of EPAM’s Capital Markets Competency Center, to find out more about the ICE iMpact Market Data Handler, a low latency feed handler for ICE market data based on the proprietary technology.

10 March 2014
Patrick Thibodeau

U.S. firm's 2,600 engineers in Ukraine stay busy amid turbulence

Computerworld explores the soaring IT market of Ukraine and goes on identifying EPAM’s place in this sector as the country’s politics is shaking.

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