07 May 2015
Dan Caplinger

EPAM Systems Takes Off As Growth Outpaces Expectations

When most people think about using professionals in different countries to serve businesses in the U.S. and elsewhere in the developed world, they tend to think about locations like India. But for EPAM Systems (NYSE: EPAM), Eastern Europe is a great source of software engineering labor, and the company has done a good job of finding ways to meet global demand for software solutions. Coming into Wednesday afternoon's first-quarter financial report, EPAM investors hoped that the company would continue to post solid growth, and EPAM's latest results surpassed some of the highest expectations those investors had for the company. Let's look more closely at how EPAM Systems did to start out 2015 and what's driving its future forward.

05 May 2015
Peter Bendor-Samuel

EPAM Defies the Odds in Global Services Market

EPAM, a midsize, $800+ million service provider, is growing faster than the market. And it’s achieving this notable status in a mature application space where others have struggled and also in a services world that favors scale and size. What is its secret for beating the odds and seemingly defying gravity?

04 March 2015
Julien Happich

Stress tracker tames drivers

Based on scientific literature, pulse rate alone doesn't give an accurate reading of a person’s stress level (you could just be jogging), but combining it with other indicators such as skin conductance makes it possible to distinguish between good physical stress and bad emotional stress.

27 January 2015
Balazs Fejes

Banks must think like technology companies to keep themselves relevant with their customers

In this article, Balazs Fejes, SVP and Global Head of Financial Services at EPAM, looks how changing customer expectations are forcing organizations, including increasing numbers of non-technology firms, to bolster their software expertise to keep up with customer demand. This article explores the role of the software product development services (PDS) provider in allowing firms to enhance their software capabilities and their ability to deliver product enabled services to their client bases.

13 January 2015
Anastasiia Tolstobrova

The ways to discover and curate content using current awareness solutions

Alexander Sajenkov, Head of Business Intelligence at Schneider Electric Russia, describes various benefits and ways to handle unstructured data using EPAM’s Info(N)gen.

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