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CIO-CMO Omnichannel Crossroads, by EPAM Systems in partnership with CIO magazine and The CMO Club

The pervasiveness of technology has created an environment where the demands of the customer
experience are ones that both CIOs and CMOs must address. While the relationship between the two parties has improved significantly in the last few years, a critical trend toward omnichannel brings
forth yet another obstacle, one that cannot be ignored: a disconnect between the CIO and the CMO threatens to fracture the customer experience and leave people dissatisfied. To better understand this dynamic, CIO magazine, The CMO Club, and EPAM Systems conducted a study of over 400 CIOs and CMOs. What emerged are three critical crossroads that demand attention from both CIO and CMO in order to succeed long term in an omnichannel world.

Machine Learning on Big Data with HADOOP, a white paper by EPAM BI Competency Center

This paper is an introduction to Machine Learning, and focuses on three objectives: 1. Shows you the trends and latest technologies in machine learning; 2. Helps you to start thinking how to better use your data via the machine learning techniques; 3. Demonstrates how to get started with some sample codes and algorithms.

Support of FIX Applications and Solutions, a white paper by EPAM Support and Maintenance Competency Center

Support of FIX applications and solutions is no longer secondary when you strive to keep your FIX-related TCO as low as possible. The white paper below describes EPAM’s approach to all-inclusive product operation focused on 3-level maintenance as its integral part.

AWS SQS vs RabbitMQ, a white paper by EPAM Cloud Competency Center

This research is devoted to messaging queues. Introducing best practices in this regard does not only improve application performance, but also prepares your application for Cloud Computing architecture. All the more so, as using turnkey solutions by Cloud providers has become plain unwise.

This paper deals with Amazon Web Services from the point of view of architecture design for medium and large-scale web applications.

EPAM Cloud Migrating Applications from Windows Azure, a white paper by EPAM Cloud Competency Center

This document describes a system used for data accumulation and forward reporting and analysis. The system consists of 3 main services, which get data and transfer it to their own databases.
Two of the services process these data to a resulting database and one service constructs an in-memory column-oriented database using data from the resulting database.

New Prospects of Java Enterprise with Polyglot JVM, a white paper by EPAM Java Competency Center

One of the most frequent questions today is “what language will replace Java?” Then, what should we do with all the existing Java technologies of enterprise applications development (Java EE, Spring, Akka)? All these technologies are definitely valuable. Is it possible to replace a programming language and make use of the best practices at the same time?

This paper targets developers of enterprise applications. It will help find answers to these questions and systemize the knowledge on architectures of Java-based server platforms.

Retail & Consumer Sites - Product Search Evaluation, a white paper by EPAM Retail and Consumer Competency Center

EPAM Retail and Consumer Competency Center has conducted research focused on analyzing functionality, utility, and quality of search across a range of Retail and CPG sites. This report provides in-depth test result analysis for each site to present good and poor functionality as well as a set of best practices that you can implement on your own site.

CMS Integration Checklist, a white paper by EPAM Content Competency Center

CMS Integration Process consists of a multitude of overlapping and interdependent work streams. The dependencies can be purely technical, organizational, or a complex combination of both. This white paper features a list of questions to be taken into consideration when integrating a CMS into your environment on each step of the functional flow: Consume, Process, Deliver, and Retain content.

Migration to the Cloud, a white paper by EPAM Cloud Competency Center

Why do customers migrate to Cloud? This information can be found in almost any marketing prospect on Cloud Computing and Cloud Hosting. This document is centered on less obvious concepts. It reveals the areas that you should care about before and during migration to a Cloud environment and explains why you should do that.

Making Applications Ready for the Cloud, a white paper by EPAM Cloud Competency Center

This whitepaper illustrates EPAM’s approach to make an existing application ready to be hosted in one of many public IaaS offerings. Several aspects of our approach are often being left out in a typical cloud migration project. As a result, migration projects are delayed or fail due to unsatisfactory performance and stability once in the cloud. Through the example of a standard J2SE application, we will show you the whole process from definition of bottlenecks through their elimination and up to assessment of the results.

CMS Implementation Survival Guide, a white paper by EPAM Systems

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Content Management System implementation is becoming an increasingly more complex task. As the systems themselves evolve and encompass an increasingly large number of features, the functionality expectations escalate as well. When it comes to Web Content Management, the trends quickly turn into requirements, forcing the new systems to continue expanding their scope in their attempts to keep-up. In this white paper we're focusing on how to "survive" in a CMS implementation project by making the best of it.

The Forrester Wave™: B2B Global Commerce Service Providers, Q1 2015

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According to the Forrester report, Strong Performers, including EPAM “have an opportunity to break through in the next few years and challenge Leader Global Commerce Service Providers by doing B2B digital transformation work that goes beyond either mostly technology transformation or customer experience work. The report also states that “EPAM excels at product and project management, system design and architecture, and testing services… EPAM’s clients spoke at length about the firm’s commitment to partnership, repeatedly mentioning its reliability and technical competence.”

Forrester Market Overview: Agile Development Service Providers

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The need for more agility in the business technology world requires resources that increase speed, achieve greater business alignment, and result in faster time-to-market. Download this complimentary report and learn how to navigate the vendor landscape.

RUSSOFT's survey gives an insight in the Russian software export industry, current trends, opportunities and challenges a foreign partner may face while selecting a provider of technology and solutions or investment projects in Russia

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The RUSSOFT's survey on Russian Software Developing Industry and Software Exports is based on the polling of C-level managers of software developing companies and personal interviews of several company directors. It covers both actual data on the state and growth of software exports as well as their evaluation by main market players, including EPAM Systems referred to as one of the leaders' group.
The survey highlights key competitive advantages of Russia as an IT outsourcing hub and the latest changes the sector went through to become one of the most dynamically growing IT industries globally.

Addressing Digital Product Development Risks: a whitepaper by Outsell’s Gilbane Services on how to select the right partner for market-leading digital projects

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Outsell’s Gilbane Services, a provider of analyst and consulting services dedicated to content strategies, practices, and technologies, together with EPAM as an expert in content management solutions, set forth key issues that influence digital product success when addressing development risks and offer best practices as guidelines for developing a strategic outsourcing relationship.

Emerging Market Suppliers: A Valuable Lever for Risk Diversification, a whitepaper by Everest Group

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A study conducted by Everest Group's Research Institute to identify the remedies for global sourcing risk management has revealed the imperative for sophisticated buyer organizations to build their portfolio suppliers and delivery location management strategy so that it extends beyond India-centric delivery model. While considering additional emerging global sourcing locations, the analysts advise the buyers to consider such emerging markets as Brazil, Central and Eastern Europe, Israel, Mexico, the Philippines, and South Africa, as they have proved to be credible options for numerous global corporations. The research features EPAM Systems as a “must-know” IT outsourcing service supplier with roots in Central and Eastern Europe and an extensive global delivery footprint.

Aberdeen Group provides strategies and best practices for getting the most value from outsourcing application development and maintenance

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Having examined the IT outsourcing strategies, plans, and effectiveness for more than 200 enterprises in several industries by surveying the companies' executives, managers, and other business professionals, Aberdeen Group has identified the emerging best practices for offshore IT outsourcing and worked out the recommendations for actions. According to the survey results, summarized in Aberdeen's benchmark report "Who Outsourced the Outsourcers?", while India remains the leading offshore destination for many companies, the Eastern European, Russian, and Asian providers are maturing quickly and sustaining double-digit growth, making the practice of offshoring more complex and no longer just commodity based.

A copy of the report can be obtained at Aberdeen Group's website.

IDC summarizes the viewpoints of the Western European and U.S. customers on the IT project engagements with the Russian software and services providers

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The IDC study, commissioned by the RUSSOFT Association, is based on in-depth, executive-level interviews with 20 Western European and U.S. companies that have used the Russian software and services providers for offshore software development projects. The whitepaper "Russia as Offshore Software Development Location: Should You Consider This Your Next Move?", summarizing results of the study, specifies the provider selection criteria used by the companies, as well as the benefits and challenges the companies have experienced from the engagements with the Russian ISVs.

Neo Advisory highlights Services Globalizationsm Trends for 2007

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Neo Advisory (formerly neoIT) highlights the Services Globalizationsm Trends that will have an impact in 2007 predicting emergence of the new offshore and nearshore locations with hard-to-ignore players, M&A's, scaling up of capabilities, and subject-specific expertise. Neo Advisory emphasizes the strong position of Russia, which specializes in the high-end and embedded software product development, both on the European and global outsourcing destinations scale.

You can obtain a copy of the white paper at

WorldTrade Executive International Business Advisories, acquired by the Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters, provide a comprehensive overview of the rapidly developing Russian IT outsourcing industry

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WorldTrade Executive's Buyer's Guide to the Russian IT Outsourcing Industry is a comprehensive independent overview of the rapidly developing Russian IT outsourcing industry. The Buyer's Guide's original and reprinted materials provide practical information and advice from experienced business executives, analysts, academics and attorneys. Besides, the Buyer's Guide contains case studies from both customers and vendors, and a list of resources for further research.

The Buyers' Guide features one of EPAM's case studies - "EPAM Opens Up Potential of AeroMexico's Portal Solutions" - as an example of the project successfully implemented by the Russian company.

The full text of the report can be obtained at

Baker & McKenzie and neoIT provide expert advice on outsourcing to Russia

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The Baker & McKenzie and neoIT (now Neo Advisory) professionals delve into the Russian business and tax environment for software engineering outsourcing in the "Global Sourcing: Destination Russia" webinar. The webinar provides insight into the key issues enterprises should consider when outsourcing to Russia, as well as reviews the country's core capabilities and assets to tap into. In the overview of the Service Provider landscape, EPAM is highlighted as one of Russia's 2 largest IT outsourcing companies. Check for the availability of the recorded webinar.

neoIT and CMP's Managing Offshore recognize EPAM as No. 1 of "Top 5 to Watch in Central and Eastern Europe" and No. 3 of "Top 10 Specialty Application Development Leaders" among the top global offshore ITO and BPO service providers in the "Offshore 100" ranking

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The "Offshore 100" project was initiated by neoIT (now Neo Advisory), offshore outsourcing advisory expert, and Managing Offshore, the monthly newsletter for global-sourcing managers. The aim of the project was to identify categories of competencies with a goal of setting benchmarks for global IT and BPO services providers. At the same time, the goal was to create the first-ever forum to recognize the leading and emerging offshore suppliers. The results of this initiative are summarized in the "Offshore 100" study that will be beneficial to corporate decision makers seeking information about the rapidly expanding, and shifting, range of offshore BPO and IT supplier options.

In the study EPAM is recognized as a leading contender that is well positioned to succeed due to its strong offshore business model and is awarded the 1st place in the "Top 5 to Watch in Central & Eastern Europe" ranking and the 3rd place in the "Top 10 Specialty Application Development Leaders" list.

Gartner highlights EPAM as a Tier 1 Russian ESP with a long-term strategy vision

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Gartner's research "Russia Is Building Up Its Offshore Services Credibility" follows the latest trends in the Russian IT services market by delving into the strengths, challenges, opportunities and risks of outsourcing to Russia. The research features EPAM as one of the largest Russian ESPs with a long-term strategy vision and refers to it as a "notable exception" with a broad pool of skills, including SAP capabilities, when compared to many other national ESPs.

The full text of the report is available at

Over the next year Eastern Europe, Russia and Belarus will enjoy the greatest growth of outsourcing initiatives

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In its Summer 2004 Outsourcing Survey conducted among upper-level management around the globe, Trestle Group found out that those firms successful in managing their relationships with their vendors will be able to reap the greatest benefits from their outsourcing initiatives. Both IT and business process outsourcing will increase substantially over the following 12 months (5% and 11% respectively) and in order to manage the on-going vendor relationships effectively companies will seek to outsource the IT function or business process to a service provider within arms' reach. Among the most preferred future outsourcing destinations respondents named Eastern Europe, Russia and Belarus.

Forrester features EPAM as one of the most significant and referenceable software developers in its report "Selecting a Russian Offshore Software Developer"

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The full text of the report is available at

Aberdeen Group cites EPAM as a trendsetter in "A Buyer's Guide to the Russian Software Development and Services Export Industry"

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In the overview of the Russian software development and services export sector presented by Aberdeen from a buyer's perspective EPAM is referred as a largest vendor in the former Soviet Union region and as a trendsetter for the industry drawing on its transparent on-site/onshore/offshore delivery model.

The full text of the report is available at

Aberdeen Group selects EPAM to represent Best Practices in Offshore IT Services Delivery

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The e-Commerce site EPAM created for West Group was selected for inclusion in Aberdeen Group's strategic white paper "Best Practices in Offshore IT Delivery".

American Chamber of Commerce in Russia advocates Russia's outstanding software development capabilities

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In the "Whitepaper on Offshore Software Development in Russia" the IT and Telecom Committee of The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia highly appreciates the expertise, resourcefulness, efficiency and above all, talent, of programmers born and educated in the Soviet Union. Among other major advantages of Russia as an offshore software development resource are labor costs, proximity to Western Europe and America, and shared European culture and history enabling better cross-cultural understanding.