Adoption and Migration

Cloud Adoption and Migration

Moving to the cloud is a serious step to take, as it involves multiple changes to the established processes. EPAM Cloud Competency Center will manage your move to the cloud, solving both business issues of adopting the cloud and technical challenges of migrating your applications. We have an established process and tested methodology ensuring that your move to the cloud will be as seamless as possible.

Cloud Adoption

We will focus on your organization's business processes and strategic objectives to achieve the full benefits of cloud adoption and mitigate the potential risks. The cloud adoption includes but not limited to the following steps:

  • Determine the right business processes to move to a cloud-based model
  • Choose the right technology to use
  • Provide a comprehensive breakdown of the costs involved
  • Transition your IT spend from CapEx to OpEx
  • Help you manage and increase the visibility of actual costs
  • Analyse security implications
  • Analyse change/release management implications
  • Improve skills development for technical staff

Cloud Migration

We will help you move your existing workloads to a cloud, public or private, or between the cloud providers. EPAM’s automated migration process moves the entire server stack—operating system, applications, network, and storage configuration. We will make your applications scalable with minimum amendments to the code.

The cloud migration process comprises four steps:

  • Discovery: Adopting the cloud, introducing the cloud solution.
  • Configuration and Preparation: Deployment and performance testing followed by the enrichment and automation of the existing environment.
  • Automation: Vertical and horizontal scaling of the application, the reliability improvement, setting up the automation for the development process, sustaining high availability.
  • Support: End-to-end management and support of the application environment.

White Papers

EPAM Cloud Migrating Applications from Windows Azure

This paper describes a system used for data accumulation and forward reporting and analysis. The system consists of 3 main services, which get data and transfer it to their own databases.

Migration to the Cloud

Why do customers migrate to Cloud? This information can be found in almost any marketing prospect on Cloud Computing and Cloud Hosting. This document is centered on less obvious concepts. It reveals the areas that you should care about before and during migration to a Cloud environment and explains why you should do that.

Case Study

Classic Hosting Models vs Windows Azure

The goal of this study is to compare classic hosting models with Windows Azure, revealing their respective benefits and drawbacks as per defined functional and non-functional requirements.

The study is based on a real-life research project by EPAM.