SaaS Solutions Development

SaaS Solutions Development

According to Gartner, the SaaS market is expected to comprise as much as 85% of all software solutions sold in the future. Still, there are not many service providers with a relevant cloud expertise. Therefore, moving your existing infrastructure to the cloud or creating a cloud solution from scratch is a challenging task.

Since 1993, EPAM has been helping build software products. We leverage our years of experience in OPD (outsourced product development) and combine this experience with the newest technologies. This combination enables us to deliver innovative, business-led SaaS solutions that are secure and reliable.

Whether you need to transfer your existing products and services to the SaaS model, or to implement your brand new concept in the cloud, we will provide a full range of services—from mapping your business/operational processes and providing cost analysis through architecture, development and testing to hosting and managing your cloud deployments.

White Paper

EPAM Cloud AWS – Cost of Ownership

This document covers the entire process of adjusting and evaluating the infrastructure under Amazon Web Services (AWS), no matter whether the project is new or migrating from own on-premise hardware.