eCommerce Solutions

The ultimate goal isn’t just a successful launch – it’s getting your company measurable bottom line results.

Unlike other digital consultancies, we approach eCommerce with both the savvy of a global software engineering firm, and the expertise of a leading-edge digital agency to integrate brand management services, operational consulting, and world-class user experiences for any platform.

At EPAM, eCommerce is a cross-business, collaborative effort with experienced professionals who offer expertise in areas ranging from the latest video platform integrations to rapid prototyping or project management. And our off-shore marketing and user experience resources enable our clients to meet their customers’ growing demand for constantly updated promotions and content.

Our innovative approach to digital strategy includes getting key insights from both internal stakeholders and your customers, and using that intelligence to orchestrate an experience that may be initiated on the web, reviewed on a mobile device, and completed in a store. Our responsive web design process ensures you get a solution that can work efficiently across multiple platforms, devices and systems.

That attention to detail combined with the end-to-end support that only EPAM offers, is at the heart of our proven ability to drive unmatched ROI for our clients.

EPAM Advantage

EPAM consultants and engineers have unique insight into what makes an eCommerce solution work and can help you overcome each of these challenges. EPAM specializes in providing development, integration, customization and testing in all of the following areas:

  • B2B and B2C eCommerce
  • Online Merchandizing and Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Online Marketing
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Web Content Management
  • Mobile Solutions

Our engineers have intimate knowledge of the leading commerce platforms (including Oracle Commerce, SAP/hybris, eBay/Magento) so we know firsthand what it takes to customize, integrate, architect, design, build, implement and test a superior solution “right down to the code.” In most cases, a one-size-fits-all, standalone solution is not enough to satisfy your customers and keep you ahead of the competition. Our engineers have experience in:

  • Providing all key commodity eCommerce components
  • Personalizing user experience with interactive commerce search, facets and filtering
  • Adding cross-channel support for trade counters and kiosks, self-services, call center, mobile commerce
  • Enabling social commerce
  • Integrating with existing ERP, billing fulfillment, provisioning and CRM solutions

EPAM has the proven ability to create rich, interactive user interfaces for a range of Enterprise Business Applications. And we’re on the leading edge of Enterprise Cloud Computing and cloud deployments. So your eCommerce solution can take advantage of the latest technology developments and still leverage your investment in existing systems.

To realize project management efficiencies and to keep you up-to-date every step of the way, we’ve created the EPAM Project Management Center. This tool offers a world-class framework for distributed management of complex projects, with the transparency you need to ensure your goals and objective are met on time and on budget.

As the largest software development outsourcing company in Central and Eastern Europe with offices around the world, we can deliver the optimal mix of onsite and offsite, NearShore and Offshore services. This lets us draw on a wealth of resources that can help you lower costs, accelerate project schedules and achieve a higher return on your project investment.

Featured Case Study

The Company, a leading European Retailing Group with over 800 stores in 16 countries across Europe and Asia, turned to EPAM in 2009 to enhance the functionality of the sales portal for one of their main retail divisions. In addition to the portal uplift, EPAM also worked with the Company on ways to expand sales via the creation of a mobile sales-channel. By improving their eCommerce portal and extending their reach into mobile platforms, EPAM has help the Company to both boost sales across their business lines and improve their customer satisfaction levels.