Portals & Content

At EPAM, we help you put content first, from strategy to technological solutions.

Content should be able to go everywhere your audience is, and EPAM Content Management Capability Center takes it there for you. Our experts work side-by-side with interactive agencies, third-party technology providers, and change management agents to ensure that you capture the maximum ROI during each phase of your Content Management project.

We work collaboratively with clients to envision a realistic roadmap for ongoing content creation and governance:

  • We inventory, audit and assess your existing content
  • We map it to your business goals and user needs
  • We create a detailed strategy that identifies key messages and content types

To ensure content is accessible from any device, EPAM strives to eliminate the operational inefficiencies and duplicative effort of managing instances of identical content across multiple systems. We can help you select the right technologies to match your requirements, with the goal of providing you with a solution that is cost-effective, maps to your organizational structure, and allows you to respond quickly to user needs.

To help you capture a higher return on investment and leverage your existing systems and solutions, EPAM offers capabilities that cover a broad range of services from evaluation to integration and support.

We have successfully created Content Management solutions for our clients in:

We solve content challenges
  • WCMS, ECM, and Portal Services
    • Selection and Evaluation
    • Solution and Information Architecture
    • Implementation and Modernization of Platforms
    • Maintenance, Support, and Training
  • System Integration
    • ERP
    • eCommerce
    • CRS, GDS, IBE
    • CRM and Outbound Marketing
    • BI and Analytics
  • Information Access and Distribution
    • Content Syndication
    • Search
    • Taxonomy Services
  • UI / UX and Internationalization
  • Content Creation
    • Production and Marketing Campaign Support
    • Content Migration


Our expert team is mature in solving complex content-related challenges in every phase of a Content Management project for enterprise.

Our full-cycle services
  • Software architecture design

Designing software architecture in line with a client’s needs and goals; load and security requirements estimation; describing and documenting architecture and recommendations.

  • UI design

Designing websites and mobile applications; creating wireframes, mockups and prototypes; investigating a client’s brand book and corporate style; development estimates for the design provided by the client.

  • Coding and customization

Adjusting and customizing out-of-the-box solutions of any complexity level; improving the current systems and products; code review and refactoring.

  • Integration with external systems

Integrating a current solution with other corporate systems; review of the application architectures; finding out the best way to integrate systems and save the corporate data.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance

Proficient functional testing (blackbox), test automation (UI, whitebox), development testing (Unit, Integration), continuous suit, etc.

  • Data migration

Migration of undocumented, unknown formats or unavailable data to an entirely new enterprise application; upgrading or modernizing the current application.

  • User adoption trainings

Organizing online and face-to-face trainings and seminars, Q&A sessions; creating presentations and user guides; consulting and end-user support.

  • Solution delivery

Creating the installation package, deploying the solution to the client’s environment; writing in-line documentation; assistance and support for the client’s employees.

  • Support and maintenance

Analyzing the requirements; investigation and issue reproducing; proposing an issue solution; 24/7, 5/8, L2/L3 support.


We provide our customers with a full cycle of custom software development services and “out-of-the-box” solutions adjustment.

Featured Case Study

Sotheby’s partnered with EPAM to implement a modern web content management system along with a flexible and unified content repository.

Featured Case Study

As the Plan expanded globally, the company inherited the online processes and member portals of its newly acquired companies. To overcome emerged challenges, the Customer wanted to brand itself as a concierge company that provides a personalized experience for its members.

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CMS Implementation Survival Guide

Content Management System implementation is becoming an increasingly more complex task. In this white paper we're focusing on how to "survive" in a CMS implementation project by making the best of it.