The benefit of our Pragmatic Approach to Agile on your Projects

By integrating a suite of custom built process and delivery tools as part of our engagements (EPAM PMC, Scrum module, and BEP) we are able to deliver projects that have fewer errors, are extensible, easier to maintain and less time-consuming and expensive to support.

A key ingredient of every engagement, our teams begin with a set of EPAM tools that provide accurate, comprehensive, performance reporting and KPI enablement for the entire group – client teams and our own. This simplifies and accelerates delivery, decreases errors and improves employee satisfaction. To realize even greater agility, the Scrum modules automate daily reporting activities, eliminating this time consuming routine, and freeing up more time for the development teams. EPAM PMC and BEP significantly reduce overhead in the areas of communications, oversight, and delivery time.

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Agile Practices Contacts

Please contact the EPAM Agile Competency Center about any inquiries related to our Agile practices

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