Industry Challenges solved by EPAM Agile

Agile is not about the process or about compliance with a set of practices or techniques but rather, about managing the challenges every organization faces. At EPAM, we believe that the use of Agile practices helps to reduce the pain of many of today's challenges.

Time to market

The rise of the internet, cloud computing and sales platforms for e.g. mobile applications have opened the market for low-cost, small and rapid moving software vendors. It is clear that time to market is an important characteristic of tomorrow's successful software companies. EPAM’s Agile practices applied to solution delivery ensures that our clients are able reduce their time to market through value driven, short and efficient delivery cycles.

Multi-vendor outsourcing

In large programs, you sometimes need to manage multiple vendors that each deliver a part of the program. It's often difficult to manage release dependencies between different teams or departments in the same organization. The fact that there is generally little control over the processes followed by the vendors, makes this alignment even more challenging. EPAM uses Agile to manage these types of programs and streamline the work in such a way that dependency between vendors does not block any of the individual vendors and helps improve the progress of the program.

Getting value from offshoring

Many offshoring initiatives are poorly managed. Requirements are sent to the offshore team and expected to come back as high quality functionality. Between the time that requirements are sent and the functionality is implemented, there is little or no communication about the product, and progress reporting is limited to ‘we're still on track and we're x% complete’ statements. Similar to onshore product development with this kind of communication and slow feedback cycle, there is little insight in the actual progress or the quality of the resulting product. EPAM’s Agile approach helps organize the work in a way that progress reports are meaningful, the feedback loop is shortened to continuously assess the quality of the product and allows for adjustments when necessary to deliver the expected high quality functionality.

Productivity gain/cost savings

Are your teams not performing at their full potential? Do you get the impression that the only way to increase productivity is to hire more people or raise the prices of your products? Most likely, your teams can benefit greatly from Agile to identify and address the wasteful activities that slow them down. EPAM Agile approach uses a set of agreements, methods and technical practices that will leverage your organization's strengths to increase the productivity of your teams. By reducing the wasteful activities, the cost of your application development will also be reduced. Our engineers are deployed with the key approaches and resources to help facilitate Agile in your environment, in a manner that will mesh with your existing team.

Improved work environment

Software development is a creative process that requires skillful people. It is a long term investment to train your employees to reach the skill level that is required to be productive in your organization's environment. To protect the continuity and the productivity of your organization, it is important to pay close attention to the employee retention numbers. Agile development process will encourage your teams to thrive and increase the joy they have in day to day work.

Project rescue/reframing

Sometimes, projects get into trouble, lots of trouble. The reasons for this trouble are diverse and depend on the situation. Maybe major risks weren't identified early enough, resulting in a lack of mitigation strategy when they occur? Or the right people were not involved from the start, resulting in a product that doesn't serve the customer's need? Perhaps the delivery capability is below expectations and nobody has an idea on how to increase it? In many cases, the sensible thing to do is to stop the project, learn from the mistakes and move on. But there are cases where the business case is too compelling to go back. The project needs to be delivered, and it needs to be delivered by a certain date. This is where an Agile project reframing can help get your project back on track.

Featured Case Study

The number of X-ray examinations conducted globally reaches multiple billion per year. However, the market offerings have been limited to fragmented solutions for radiation dose management. RaySafe wanted to deliver a first-to-market product that would help providers of X-ray diagnostic services simplify administrative procedures and reporting to regulatory authorities.