Our Unique Approach

Our Pragmatic Approach to Agile

Recognized in the software industry as an expert in Agile methodologies, we adhere closely to best practices to ensure your project is of the highest quality. At EPAM, Agile spans more than software development. In collaborating with our business partners, we strive to create the most valuable solutions for the problems our customers are experiencing. While it's likely that many of these problems will be addressed by creating the software, collaborating with the customer ensures that it is indeed the right software that is being built. We develop a partnership between our customer and the delivery teams to ensure that the customer is served well and the delivery team is working on valuable software & solutions.

1. We listen first and agree on a strategy with you

Agile has matured significantly and the 60+ currently recognized practices range from business idea capture through delivery processes to technical implementation, all work to realize the agile vision.

We understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ to Agile and we work with you to identify and implement the practices that will work best with your organization and deliver the greatest advantage to your business.

2. We can provide infrastructure and enablement tools from day one

With a focus on speed of delivery while maintaining quality, we can get started immediately with a toolset and infrastructure ready from the day we begin working with you.

  • Agile project tracking, communication and knowledge sharing tools are available to our customers. This is a default toolset available to every project we start, including our own internal projects.
  • These tools are complemented by our PMC (Project Management Center) suite of applications.
  • A backed up, secure Source Code Repository is available to everyone who needs access.
  • Our widespread and deep knowledge of Continuous Integration servers, scripts and patterns means CI is established quickly. Our own Build Engineering Portal (BEP) is instantly available.
  • EPAM Cloud adds the ability for on demand resources to host test and acceptance environments. Live deployment solutions can be quickly implemented.

3. We believe and invest in continual improvement

The EPAM Agile Competency Center has one objective - to continually improve our service delivery. 

The center organizes, encourages and supports:

  • Education by direct training
  • Education and practical application by coaching
  • Immediate advice by consulting
  • Tacit knowledge sharing with communities
  • Shared knowledge through conferences, webinars and blogs

For customers undergoing their own Agile transition, the EACC will work with you to design an Agile transition strategy. Our team of coaches complements onsite initiatives by working with our teams in achieving our common goals.

Forrester Market Overview: Agile Development Service Providers

The need for more agility in the business technology world requires resources that increase speed, achieve greater business alignment, and result in faster time-to-market. Download this complimentary report and learn how to navigate the vendor landscape.

Featured Case Study

Screwfix wanted to change its development approach to enable a higher quality, faster and more responsive delivery capability. This in turn could facilitate the replacement of its legacy systems with a robust and scaleable SOA backbone supporting a new multi-channel e-Commerce platform.
To achieve this, Screwfix turned to EPAM as a nearshore parter to both fill the technology knowledge gap and also build a long term Agile development team.