Tools for distributed delivery

Distributed delivery is part of EPAM’s DNA. Unlike many organizations whose focus was initially on providing core engineering services and who only later realized the power inherent in being able to distribute engineering across multiple teams in diverse locations, we started with the idea that engineering capabilities should be ‘best sourced’ from multiple complementary teams in diverse geographic locations. From our inception, we have placed great emphasis on establishing processes, standards and tools to enable the same consistent standard of engineering excellence across all of our delivery teams – regardless of time-zone, geography or client.

EPAM Advantage

Over the past two decades, EPAM has invested over 42,000 man hours in the development of our Global Delivery Ecosystem – an integrated set of tools that support our end-to-end delivery capabilities. At the root of this integrated toolset is EPAM’s Project Management Center (PMC) – our award-winning, web and now mobile collaboration environment that supports a full range of software development lifecycle activities including requirements, development, testing, integration, support and continuous integration. In addition to providing a centralized collaboration workbench for our teams, PMC allows our customers’ teams to gain visibility into all project deliverables, statuses and issues through the same views. PMC is integrated with a number of leading market  tools for defect tracking and reporting and provides a range of portfolio and project management capabilities over and above standard engineering support functions.  In recent years, our methodologies have expanded to include increasingly Agile engagements. To encourage this trend and to support our Scrum teams, EPAM has implemented a set of Scrum extensions to the standard PMC toolset and can now offer support for, and integration of the principles and artifacts that serve an Agile engagement.

Complementing PMC, are a number of Ecosystem modules that help us drive value for our clients and our shareholders. Build Engineering Portals (BEP) help us manage our continuous integration efforts with a greater degree of repeatability and predictability – allowing us to focus on the development of new functionality rather than on troubleshooting deployments. Tools like our Knowledge management Portal and various Training Portals and Wiki’s allow us to share key insights instantly across the EPAM’s Global Delivery organization and more importantly, allow us to tap into our organizational expertise through an established network of EPAM experts and related project teams. Together, our tools make up one of our key value drivers and while many of our customers have offered to license these tools from us, we continue to believe that transparency and quality are not ‘extras’ – they are our core business and we are proud to bring them as part of EPAM  to every client engagement.

Forrester Market Overview: Agile Development Service Providers

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Featured Case Study

EPAM had worked with the Company since 2002, developing numerous software solutions that had met with market success.
The key to taking on this more substantial role was the establishment of a dedicated Offshore Development Center that could support the entire Software Development Lifecycle for the Company.