Our People

11,500+ and growing in number, skills, opportunities and experience

Our people combine experience, formal education - known for excellence in the region, with EPAM training and processes, to deliver results. The vast majority of our professionals hold advanced university degrees in Computer Science, Math and IT. As part of our commitment to foster education and opportunity in the region, we invest in developing students into the EPAM associates of tomorrow. In doing so, we partner with leading universities and training academies to help extend their curricula with  current and emerging technologies and tools.

Our recruiting process is part of our career development lifecycle that allows current and perspective EPAM employees to realize their career objectives. With tens of thousands of prospective and current employees in our HR databases, we can ensure our growth.

We are Talented
Home to some of the most talented people in the region

We are Passionate
Solving complex technology challenges with pride and passion

We are Professional
Education, experience and performance drive our professionalism

We are Fun
Experiences for a lifetime

A Great Place to Work

A Great Place to Work

EPAM is the employer of choice for people at all stages of their career – from recent graduates looking to begin their career path in the most professional and well-known organization of its kind in the region, to experienced managers, architects and engineers who want to tackle that next challenge in a fast paced, high technology organization.


Our People

"Despite the fact that I joined EPAM quite recently, I’ve already learned a lot, and I am so excited to be a part of such a friendly and knowledgeable team.

Junior Software Engineer