EPAM’s commitment to its communities extends to the sustainability of the environment. We invest in many green initiatives that result in direct energy-savings and carbon-footprint reduction practices.

Carbon Footprint

In April 2015, we partnered with Carbon Footprint UK to assess our Carbon Footprint and provide guidance on implementing practices to reduce our own impact. We will continue promoting the energy management system with support from Carbon Footprint UK, to improve the overall energy efficiency across all of our sites. 

Carbon Footprint Calculator

EPAM’s Carbon Footprint Calculator resulted from an internal competition to increase employee awareness of our carbon footprint. The tool calculates individual footprints and offers small adjustments to daily activities to further reduce environmental impact.


EPAM participates in the responsible reuse and recycling of end-of-life electronics and computers in partnership with Sims Recycling Solutions. Through our partnership, we can ensure data security, lower logistics costs, and access an online client portal to track our materials through the disposition process.

Additionally, our locations across the globe participate in recycling programs to reduce the amount of office waste from our day-to-day business activities.