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Datalex Forms Partnership With Offshore oftware Firm


News from Travel Technology Update: - Datalex, the travel and transportation technology provider, formed a partnership with EPAM Systems, a software developer based in Minsk, Belarus, and Moscow and offices in Princeton, N.J.

The partnership will integrate EPAM's Content Management System with Datalex' Internet booking engine technology.

Datalex and EPAM worked together for about a year on the development of the recently relaunched destination site.

Datalex' booking engine technology, based on Web services, facilitates complex searches on the site for "everything Las Vegas has to offer."

It uses enriched information and image resources on hotels and room configurations and enables bookings to be made at a variety of shows and entertainment.

EPAM's contribution was a flexible Content Management System that allows rapid updates of features and content while maintaining high performance and stability on the site. It implemented an automated content import and intelligence utility that serves as the hub for all external content.

Neil Beck, chief executive officer of Datalex, said the two companies have different but complementary skills and experience and decided to "parlay that into new opportunities."

"We both have lots of contacts, and we can offer a wider portfolio of products rather than piecemeal solutions," he said. "We can offer a sort of one-stop shop."

Arkadiy Dobkin, chief executive officer of EPAM, added that if the two companies took on a new project along the lines of the project, "it would be much easier to integrate" their activities, resulting in a faster time to market.

Beck said Datalex benefits "selfishly" from the partnership through an inexpensive addition to its team resources.

"We are larger in terms of revenue, but EPAM has 500 people to our 200," he said.

At times, Datalex experiences "a huge spike in the need for engineering resources." Datalex can use EPAM's people on an ad hoc basis even if EPAM is not directly involved in a project, Beck said.