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The Fundamental Aspects of Creating an Agile, Scalable and Flexible Solution Capable of Delivering Better Results than Previous Study Models

Journal for Clinical Studies – by Greg Killian

Bogged down by recruiting challenges and impaired by inconvenient travel distances, almost half of clinical trial sites miss enrollment targets, with nearly half of patients dropping out before study completion. Because of these issues, clinical trials incur $600K to $8M in potential daily losses. Accordingly, the pharmaceutical industry is quickly pivoting away from “site-centric” to “patient-centric” clinical trials, not only to curb losses but to improve results and outcomes. Through process and technical innovation including remote monitoring, advanced analytics, and agile ways of working, digital alternatives have the potential to help reduce time to market by 500 days and reduce development costs by 25%. More accessible, affordable, and faster than traditional models, digital and decentralized trials can allow for greater clinical diversity, seamless coordination, better trial process control and enhanced patient progress tracking.

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