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Aberdeen Group Cites EPAM as a Trendsetter in "A Buyer's Guide to the Russian Software Development and Services Export Industry"

In the Russian IT export industry overview presented by Aberdeen from a buyer's perspective EPAM is referred as a largest vendor in the former Soviet Union region and as a trendsetter for the industry drawing on its transparent on-site/onshore/offshore delivery model

Princeton, NJ — July 7, 2003  In response to the fact that more and more companies are stepping up their use of Russian IT resources, Aberdeen Group, an IT market analysis leader, issued "A Buyer's Guide to the Russian Software Development and Services Export Industry". To gather data for a buyer's perspective of the Russian software development and services export sector, Aberdeen surveyed leading Russian offshore development centers and service providers as well as the companies they contract or collaborate with.

The report shows that the ITO industry is no longer just about outsourcing large, non-core development projects, or the wholesale transfer of application maintenance and support to low-cost countries, but there emerge distinct diversity in the segment of offshore software development. Russia, for example, has been quietly building a solid and growing client base in the offshore software services industry over the past few years, as more companies seek to reduce costs and augment core skills by using Russian IT resources. Companies are attracted to the country's combination of a large, highly skilled science, math, and engineering talent pool and its comparatively low labor costs.

Along with the analysis of the Russian IT industry and its major expertise areas, the report presents the largest and best established Russian outsourcing service providers which have been selected for the buyer's guide. In this first ever study of the Russian IT industry from the customer's perspective, EPAM is referred as a largest vendor in the former Soviet Union region and as a trendsetter for the industry drawing on its transparent on-site/onshore/offshore delivery model. Stephen Lane, who authored the report also notes: "EPAM's history, business model, and core services are more in line with a classic IT consulting and systems integration business than what characterizes a typical offshore software services company. This makes EPAM something of a trendsetter, given that established offshore companies are trying to move up the industry value chain as mainstream IT services suppliers are adopting offshore models in response to client demands. Concurrently, transparent offshore delivery is very much a part of EPAM's business model."

Arkadiy Dobkin, EPAM CEO, highly appreciated the objectivity and thoroughness of the report and said: "We are pleased to be favorably cited by Aberdeen Group for two years in a row. Last year one of EPAM's projects was selected for the "Best Practices in IT Offshore Services Delivery" which featured only 15 case studies representing leading outsourcing service providers from all over the world and now we are referred as one of the largest on-site/onshore/offshore software solutions and outsourcing services organizations in the former Soviet Union."

Recognizing the progress achieved by EPAM over the last couple of years, Stephen Lane, Aberdeen Research Vice President, IT Services, states in the report: "With a growing base of vertical industry expertise and a business-solutions focus, EPAM is well positioned to compete in a continually evolving and increasingly diverse global IT services market."

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An IT market research leader since 1988, Aberdeen Group continues to distinguish itself by providing up-to-the-minute global IT market insights in more than 25 IT market segments. Aberdeen research practices focus on emerging market opportunities, market growth rates, important industry trends, and customer buying patterns. The firm also helps clients to identify new market opportunities, enter those markets successfully, and accelerate the adoption of new technologies. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Aberdeen has research and consulting divisions in Palo Alto, California; Fort Collins, Colorado; and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


About EPAM Systems

Established in 1993, EPAM Systems is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey with technology development centers in Moscow, Russia and Minsk, Belarus. EPAM is a leading provider of software development outsourcing services, e-business, enterprise relationship management, and content management solutions. EPAM solves complex business and technology problems using an on-site/onshore/offshore delivery model.

EPAM's customer base includes CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, Reuters, SBLI USA Mutual Life Insurance Company, Colgate-Palmolive, Halliburton, Verizon Communications, Samsung America, Bally of Switzerland, among others. In the technology world, EPAM provides services to firms such as SAP, BRIO Software, ServiceWare, Logic Library, and others.

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