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DAA Philadelphia Symposium 2017

19 Oct 2017
Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Our Speaker

Senior Director, Analytics & Strategy

We invite you to attend the following speaking engagement featuring one of EPAM’s technology experts:

Three's a Crowd? Analytics, Ethics, and Agencies – The Independent Auditor and the Dollar Dilemma – October 19, 4:50pm - 5:20pm

Agencies often get pulled into the fray when big decisions are made – sometimes because they have the most experience with the data, sometimes because everyone gets pulled in, and once in a while, because they’ve become trusted advisors. But how do agencies handle the grey areas – the situations where short-term and long-term incentives might conflict, or where agency incentives might conflict with the client's best interest? Enjoy some observations, a few anecdotes, and maybe even some ideas about how agency teams can approach these questions.

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