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EPAM AWS Data & Analytics

We design and build products that allow organizations to unlock the full value of their data.

Our End-to-End Data & Analytics Services

Data & Analytics Strategy

Corporate data strategy as well as data and analytics program design that align with business goals

Data Science Consulting

Data exploratory analysis, modeling and discovery

Data Technology Consulting

Data technology assessment and audit; solution architecture synthesis and implementation planning

Business Analytics

Self-service analytics programs implementation

Data Product Engineering

Data and analytical product design, implementation, roll-out, support and modernization at scale

Data & Analytics Platform Engineering

Data and analytical product design, implementation, roll-out, support and modernization at scale

12+ Years

Of Experience in Data & Analytics

Top 20 

Open Source Contributor on OSCI


Frameworks & Accelerators

100+ PB

Largest Data Lake Under Management at 100+ PB


Daily Active Users on EPAM-Delivered Platforms

Data & Analytics Platform Engineering

We help our clients to design, build and run platforms that support a full range of data products.

Data & Platform Engineering

The right data in the right format, empowering clients to easy access data when needed

Delivery Governance

An agile approach with a roadmap that aligns the organization with its data strategy

Data & Analytics Products

Applications to guide business users through the analytical thought process to generate insights and actions

People & Culture

Analytical change programs that empower people to make more informed decisions

EPAM’s Selected Tools and Accelerators


Automated database migration assessment tool for heterogeneous and lift-and-shift migrations 

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Self-service, fail-safe exploratory environment for collaborative data science work

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Open Data Analytics Hub (ODAHU)

System of services, extensions for third party systems and tools that accelerate developing enterprise-level systems with automated AI/ML models

DNN Synthetic Data Generator

Deep neural networks (DNN) that secure data sets, mimicking personally identifiable information (PII) or proprietary data that is used in development and test environments

ML Textual Data Extraction Accelerator

Flexible Python-based framework for an information extraction pipeline

Hybrid Recommender Accelerator

Recommender dynamically selects the best algorithm based on available data