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Building and deploying IoT solutions and analyzing data from devices in the AWS cloud.

What We Offer

We generate new revenue streams with IoT services and optimize existing processes to reduce costs with our innovation capability and outcome-based practices.

Our team builds complex and secure IoT solutions on top of existing technology infrastructure, leveraging our connectivity, enterprise architecture, big data, engineering and DevOps expertise.

Our experts implement edge computing, connectivity technologies, big data, and machine learning by designing, developing and orchestrating complex, integrated IoT solutions.

We apply an end-to-end approach to bring IoT solutions from business concept to prototype to finished product.

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AWS Solutions for IoT

IoT Edge

Edge computing reduces cloud storage and allows a device to respond in near real-time. With AWS IoT services, we enable devices to aggregate and filter data locally on a device. AWS IoT edge software helps you secure your devices, connectivity and data.

Device Management

AWS IoT Device Management allows a user to securely register, organize, monitor and remotely manage IoT devices at scale. This solution is agnostic to both device type and operating system. It allows the user to scale device fleets as well as reduce the cost and effort of managing diverse IoT device deployments.

IoT Analytics

AWS IoT Analytics automates each step required to analyze IoT device data. The solution streamlines machine learning model training via AWS SageMaker integration and transforms data into valuable insights.

Rekognition Custom Labels

With Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels, EPAM offers the resources and expertise to help you simplify data labeling, feedback and automated machine learning as well as provide an easy-to-use model evaluation and inference.

Our End-To-End Delivery Approach for IoT Solutions

  • IoT Strategy Assessment
  • Business Process Change Management
  • Innovation as a Service
  • Big Data Consulting
  • Solution Assessment
  • Product Management & Business Analysis
  • Service Design
  • IoT Service Prototyping & Proof of Concept Development
  • IoT Solution & Network Architecture Design 
  • Product-Focused IoT Application Development
  • Systems Engineering & Infrastructure
  • Agile Delivery Organization
  • Industry-specific Solutions
  • IoT Analytics
  • Big Data & Machine Learning Services
  • IoT Data Management
  • IoT Fleet Management
  • IoT Solution Testing 
  • Operational Efficiency Services
  • Intelligent Automation Implementation

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