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Big Data Webinar

17 Mar 2021
Malaga, Spain
16:00 - 17:30 CET

Join us on March 17th for a webinar on the topic of big data. Lead Software Engineer, Safak Kapci from EPAM's Malaga, Spain, office will share his knowledge and experience. Safak will talk about data in motion and new generation data warehousing. 

Safak Kapci
Lead Software Engineer
at EPAM Malaga

Topic: Data in Motion and New Generation Data Warehousing
Big Data is evolving every day. This talk will be about how to move data and store data with new technologies such as STRUCTURED STREAMING from Apache Spark and Delta Lake. We will talk about theories and the basics of them and have a demo. This talk is suitable for those who have experience with at least one programming language.


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