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Take your career to the next level with EPAM’s Upskilling Program in Vietnam

Ready to conquer new professional heights? Currently, we are looking for motivated Software Engineers eager to boost their skills and upgrade to Senior Specialists with the help of our two-month paid mentoring program.


What is the Upskilling Program?

A professional mentoring program of EPAM Vietnam aims to upskill aspiring tech talents into versatile technologists that are able to add value to clients, organization and themselves in an international working environment. This is a unique opportunity for you to learn how to boost your skills to the next level with all the best quality engineering approaches from EPAM!

Take technical/programming skills to the next level

Better navigate Agile, Scrum and Project Management methodologie

Strengthen presentation, interview and English skills


EPAM focuses on in-demand technology stacks that help get you ready for an exciting Software Engineering career.

Why EPAM Upskilling Program?

Lecturers from Experienced Mentors

Learn from highly skilled practitioners whose hands-on technical expertise is shaped from their experience serving leading companies across the globe.


Why EPAM Upskilling Program?

Curriculum Driven by Business Needs

Master the knowledge required to solve the most complex problems businesses face in any industry.


Why EPAM Upskilling Program?

International and multicultural teams

Your clients, mentors, managers and colleagues will be located across 45+ countries in Asia, Europe and the US.


Why EPAM Upskilling Program?

Flexible working mode

Hybrid working from Ho Chi Minh city or working remotely from any location in Vietnam.


Your learning journey

Evaluate your skills

Have your skills evaluated during the interview process

Participate in our Upskilling Program

Start your two-month 1:1 paid mentoring program

Take part in EPAM’s global projects

Join exciting and challenging projects in EPAM Vietnam

Emerge as a competent IT professional

Get ready to transition to a more senior level and gain an international outlook and growth mindset


I began my career as a Game Developer, but when I decided to switch to Software Engineering, my knowledge base became insufficient to deal with challenging projects. EPAM’s Upskilling Program has equipped me with the necessary knowledge and experience to conquer new peaks in my career.

Nhat Bui

Senior Software Engineer (Java)


The content is presented in a clear and easy-to-digest format. My mentor explained quite complex concepts with practical examples. I particularly enjoyed the Spring Core parts shared in the content. The Upskilling Program gave me practical exercises to enhance and sharpen my skill.

Hoai Le

Software Engineer (Java)


The JavaScript Upskilling Program provided me realistic exercises to help me practice and develop my skills. My skills have been upgraded because of the great knowledge from the program. Now I am confident in my ability to advance my career to the next level.

Vu Nguyen

Junior Software Engineer (JavaScript)



I developed myself in many aspects during the Upskilling Program, especially in Automation Testing and my English language skills. I feel so happy to be a part of EPAM Vietnam.

Phuong Nguyen

Junior Software Test Automation Engineer


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