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EPAM: A Global Leader in Product Development & Platform Engineering Services


Constantly grow as a professional and improve both your hard and soft skills by participating in regular trainings/seminars as well as internal and external technical meetups. Specifically, we offer numerous training programs, including EPAM Solution Architecture School, Solution Architecture University, EPAM Delivery Manager School and Product Management University.


Complete challenging tasks, work in hybrid teams, use modern approaches and frameworks to upgrade your skills across the entire stack, and develop cutting-edge products for different industries and clients to expand your portfolio.


Influence how end-to-end products are developed from scratch by applying new technologies, using agile methodologies, and being proactive within your team.


Over time, you'll have the opportunity to switch between projects in different domains and different frameworks. As a part of EPAM, you are also able to benefit from the experience you gain working with a diversity of clients in different industries.

At EPAM, you will have the opportunity to work with the world's leading companies across a variety of industries


Become a team player for a global retailer of headwear, accessories and apparel lines, whose products are sold in more than 80 countries. By joining you will build features used by millions of people every day.

The goal of the team is to drive long-term digital strategy for our customer, including the design, build and launch of a B2C eCommerce store for the US and Canada that offers an elevated digital brand experience.

You will get to participate in development sessions with the team to make decisions about the best programming practices and engineering approaches. The challenge is to work with minimal supervision, deliver under tight deadlines, and be responsible for the result produced.


Enrich your engineering experience by becoming a part of a team developing solutions for one of the biggest Canadian retailers that sells a wide range of automotive, sports, leisure and home products. Start working on eCommerce projects for their businesses to support their online presence and make the customer experience smooth both offline and online. There are projects for online shopping, POS terminals, customer reward systems, store optimization and more.

Participate in the whole process of product development, starting from the discovery phase and driving the technology stack and architecture until the final release. The teams consist of 7-10 people, among which are Java Developers (back-end) and a JS Developers (front-end), as well as a Tech Leader and QA.


Enhance your expertise by working on projects for a leading financial services provider. You will work on unique, cross-asset-class solutions to equip EPAM's client's customers with the information and tools they need for more effective decision-making.

Apply your experience and vision to improve the technology of this private equity with more than 1,100 employees who serve customers in every major financial hub around the world. Contribute to the company’s mission, which is to strengthen the capital markets community through information and technology solutions.

Use your leadership skills, knowledge of continuous integration and continuous deployment processes, and experience in Agile practices to mentor less senior teammates and help to implement and improve the existing corporate website on a new .NET platform.


Become a part of an ambitious start-up based in London to participate in intelligent multi-channel content generation and the customization of solutions for customers in the UK and worldwide. The client’s cloud-based market-leading technology is helping to power one of the most exciting marketing mega-trends in generations: Mass Multi-Channel Customization.

To get hands-on experience in the development of a new strategic platform, you will use a wide range of technologies and tools, such as Node.js, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB, Microservices, Mocha, Swagger, Docker, RabbitMQ and Elasticsearch. It is a greenfield project which is being developed on JS both for the front-end and server-side.

Become a core member of a future back-end team (the back-end part of the product is positioned as an independent sellable part of the platform) and propose architectural solutions and present them to the customer. Communicate with BAs and PMs on the client side and lead a team by distributing tasks and controlling code quality. Projects are delivered on a monthly basis following an Agile process.


Become a technology partner to one of the world’s leading sportswear, sports equipment, clothing & accessories manufacturing companies. As the client uses modern technologies and methodologies and focuses on delivering robust, scalable and creative products, you will develop and improve internal IT systems to support the business and ensure products meet high standards.

As the project grows, you will also grow as a professional to assure integration support of our long-running project, integrations and sub-features. You will develop the integration layer between a front-end app and different systems while also focusing on developing an Elastic Search cache service. Contribute to creating a safe and supportive work environment on a project that is purely CD-enabled with the following technologies: external-facing Node.JS LTS/boron, Koa.js or Express.js for RESTfull APIs endpoints, Docker for development setup, and TDD using modern Node.js tools like Jest/Mocha/Sinon.JS.

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