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Java is not only about frameworks. It is also your gateway to challenging projects in machine learning, big data and other new technologies.

Complete challenging tasks to upgrade your skills across the entire stack, and develop cutting-edge products for different industries and clients to expand your portfolio.

Influence how products are developed from scratch by applying new technologies, using agile methodologies and being as proactive as you want to be within your team.

Act as a true business consultant for our customers in a two-way dialogue. Get involved in pre-sales, define the scope of projects and shape the features of future products.

At EPAM, you will have the opportunity to work with the world's leading companies across a variety of industries


Cooperate with a large Canadian telecommunications and wireless equipment company with a complex management structure.

Orchestrate the development of an Enterprise Unified Endpoint Management solution for mobile devices. The main purposes of this solution include the centralized management of mobile devices for an organization to protect business information, keep mobile workers connected with the information that they need, and provide administrators with efficient business tools and simplified UI with industry-leading security.


Be a part of a world-leading logistics company that provides international courier, parcel and express mail services.

Join and lead the team that creates world-class applications for one of the world's 10 largest companies in the logistics industry. This includes the end-to-end ownership of delivery, ranging from vision and consulting to development, testing, deployment and operations. Work to develop and maintain a mission-critical, highly configurable web-based application without a single point of failure. It is embedded into the existing enterprise landscape with a capability to handle 5k requests per minute and 4k concurrent users with different roles across the globe, as well as run 24/7 with zero downtime during upgrades and failover.


Dive into the business of an innovative Canadian retail company that sells a wide range of automotive, sports, leisure and home products.

Start creating eCommerce projects for their businesses to support the client’s presence online and make the customer experience smooth both offline and online. There are projects for online shopping, POS terminals, customer reward systems, store optimization, etc.

Participate in the whole process of product development, starting from the discovery phase and driving the technology stack and architecture until the final release. The teams consist of 7-10 people, among which are Java Developers (back-end) and a JS Developer (front-end), as well as a Tech Leader and QA.


Become a business partner to a German multinational corporation, headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. The client is one of the largest sportswear manufacturers in Europe.

Work on a project where you extract the footwear-related marketing functionality from other systems and put it into a Marketing Portal that replaces numerous systems that are currently in place for product development and marketing. Previously, managers and personnel had to work with multiple systems to get their jobs done. Now, we have launched an ambitious plan to reduce its complexity and enhance processes drastically. The creation of the Marketing Portal (MP) to handle all marketing-related functionality is one of many initiatives toward this goal. MP is lot more than just the portal itself, as the whole back-end, integration with other systems, security and other facets are covered by our team.

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Top List of opportunities for Delivery Managers and Solution Architects:

Olga Goloven
Senior Recruiter

Alla Rogachova
Senior Recruiter

Olga Lutskova
Lead Recruiter

Dmytro Polyakov
Senior Recruiter

Kyrylo Kozhemiakin
Senior Recruiter

Liliya Kalyamon

Anna Levina
Senior Recruiter

Yulia Vlasenko
Senior Recruiter

Diana Mankevych
Senior Recruiter

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