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Belarus is flourishing in the IT industry and becoming one of the world’s largest tech hubs. With thousands of employees living and working in Belarus, EPAM is an integral part of the country’s tech community. EPAM delivers end-to-end business and technology transformation by leveraging our proven customer collaboration frameworks, engineering excellence tools, hybrid teams and award-winning proprietary global delivery platform. A unique feature of Belarus is its geographical location. Belarus offers convenient access to the rest of Europe so you can travel easily. Minsk’s major railway junction serves several CIS, Asia and European destinations.



Developing IT market focused on European and American leading clients with a strong engineering community


Hospitable and welcoming people with European values so you don’t feel like a foreigner


Excellent ecological and sightseeing opportunities


Access to great medical services and convenient transportation infrastructure

Relocation Process


Thanks to EPAM more than 300 employees have already relocated from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland and the Baltic countries to Belarus. Read their reviews below and confirm that a job at EPAM is the job of your dreams!



Moved to Minsk from Moscow

“It’s amazing how I can drive across the entire city in 20-25 minutes. Sure, after Moscow Minsk feels like a small city, but I can’t say that it’s drastically different here. I guess the main difference is the pace of life. Minsk somehow reminds me of an average American city, with low-rise buildings and wide streets.”


Our team is committed to making your relocation journey as seamless as possible. Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you:

Will someone help me with relocation?
As soon as you accept a job offer from EPAM, our global mobility team will assist you throughout each step of the relocation process.

How do I handle arrangements in Belarus after I relocate?
EPAM’s Belarus office has a corporate expat service, which provides support for foreign employees and their immediate family members throughout the employee's work tenure at EPAM. Once you begin working at EPAM, you will receive consultations, advice and documentation guidance from EPAM, which is necessary to register a place of residency and obtain a temporary residence permit, as well as assistance in any matters related to living in Belarus.

How do I travel from the airport to my apartment or hotel?
You can call a taxi at the airport when you arrive. The Minsk airport is a 40-minute drive to the EPAM office or from city center. The transfer fee is about 30 rubles (~$15/€13). Be sure to save your receipt for reimbursement.

How can I enroll my children in school?
Pre-school, general secondary and special education is free in Belarus. There are also options for paid pre-school groups and additional educational services. General information can be found at There are bilingual kindergarten options through Innovation and Global Child, where schooling is provided in English.   

Does EPAM help employees find housing?
We provide and pay for the first month of housing. During this time, you will need to find a place to live permanently. Consult these resources to help you find an apartment: and We advise that you look for apartments where the rental agreement is formalized.

What is the process of settling?
If you live in a corporate apartment, you can pick up your keys at the first floor of EPAM’s main office (1/1, Kuprevich Str., Minsk). If you’re staying at a hotel, please check in with the hotel’s front desk. If you are in a daily apartment, please call the landlord to obtain the keys. All information regarding your temporary residence will be provided to you from the Mobility Specialist.

How does EPAM help with employee adaptation?
A representative from EPAM’s HR department is assigned to each new employee undergoing relocation. The HR representative will help you adapt to your new location and provide information during the probation period, as well as your responsibilities at EPAM.

What health benefits does EPAM provide?
In addition to comfortable working conditions, EPAM offers relocated employees and their spouses/children free medical care in medical centers. Employees and their families also receive annual vaccinations and dental visitations. Employees receive sick time as well as flexible working hours. EPAM Belarus also provides gym memberships with professional trainers and regularly held sporting and entertainment events.

What are the benefits that EPAM offers for children of employees?
EPAM cooperates with the best children's education, development and sports centers in Belarus, as well as access to summer holiday camps, Scratch programming classes and even a children’s theater. EPAM also offers a wide range of free medical services in one of the best pediatric centers in the country, including annual vaccinations.

What additional benefits can EPAM offer?
Each new employee receives corporate branded apparel. EPAM has the opportunity to connect you with one of the corporate tariff plans of velcom, the telecommunication provider. Employees are eligible for discounts on phone calls and monthly fees, as well as the ability to pay for services. EPAM employees, as well as relatives and friends, can take advantage of the benefits card, which offers discounts from more than 500 partners all over Belarus.

What are the career development opportunities at EPAM?

EPAM supports its employees in advancing their career paths by learning skills in tech and specific industries, project and team management, architecture and consulting.

Are there professional trainings at EPAM?
We pay close attention to our employee training programs by offering internal trainings, external courses, webinars, mentoring programs, participation in professional international and internal conferences and meetings, and free English and German courses.

How is payroll calculated?
EPAM pays its employees competitive salaries. If you have further information about salaries, please contact us directly.


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