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DrillPad: Improving Well Control Efficiency & Proficiency at the Rigsite

As an easy-to-use, all-in-one software for planning, executing and analyzing well control drills, DrillPad has been proven to reduce loss of containment incidents at rigsites and optimize drilling activities from planning to analysis and optimization.

DrillPad at a Glance

With its intuitive user interface, easy-to-follow workflows and powerful features, DrillPad can help your organization improve well control efficiency and proficiency to achieve fewer incidents, minimized environmental impact and reduced risk. 

  • Reduce well control-related incidents
  • Improve collaboration between the operator, rig contractor and business partners
  • Develop and verify well control knowledge, competency and proficiency
  • Reinforce use, compliance and knowledge of the rig procedures and equipment
  • Increase regulatory compliance through the standardization of drill execution and evaluation
  • Manage crew and individual performance records
  • Apply analytics to identify trends and insights


With dozens of well control drills and potential complications to choose from, DrillPad helps you plan impactful exercises that increase knowledge, competency and proficiency among your personnel. 


DrillPad leads your team through the execution of each drill and uses a stopwatch to time each step and capture the data.  


After a drill is planned and executed, DrillPad’s assessment feature lets you assess performance and grade each drill. 

Analyze & Improve

Once a drill is completed, related drill data feeds into analytics, giving operations personnel an easy way to identify trends, patterns and opportunities for improvement.

  • Simple navigation and data entry at the rigsite
  • Benchmarking of drill and crew performance
  • Integrated workflow and visibility between the rig and office
  • Easy data import and export
  • Accessibly hosted in the cloud environment
  • Self-service and intelligent analytics

About DrillPad

First developed in 2015 for a US-based multinational oil & gas supermajor to assist with the planning and tracking of well control drills, DrillPad was created leveraging EPAM’s 10+ years of experience as a technology partner to leaders in the industry.

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EPAM provides a variety of cutting-edge services to the oil & gas industry, including advanced analytics and big data, business intelligence, product development, user experience design, application development, IoT integration, intelligent automation and many more. 

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