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EPAM Life Sciences Customer Reception and Expert Panel

 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10    |    5:30 – 6:45 PM

This isn’t your ordinary life sciences cocktail reception!

On Tuesday, September 10, 2019, from 5:30 PM to 6:45 PM, drop by our place at EPAM Continuum for a relaxed and engaging happy hour where we’ll explore what pharma R&D scientists really want from digital transformation.

Eat, drink and mingle with pharma colleagues in an innovative and intimate setting just minutes from BioTech Week at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Leap into a lively, interactive panel discussion as R&D and meaningful data leaders share barriers and solutions to more human-centered, and less artificial, intelligence in pharma R&D. Panelists include:


VP & Chief Scientist at EPAM; previously served in several digital leadership roles at Merck, Pfizer and Eli Lilly; founding member and board member of Pistoia Alliance


Professor of Biological Engineering and Director of the Physiomimetics Lab at MIT; Principal Investigator DARPA/NIH Microphysiological Systems Program


Oncology and Genomics at IBM Watson Health; Creator, AI for the Rest of Us


Creative Director, Ginkgo Bioworks

Take a tour of EPAM Continuum’s studio and our virtual R&D lab to experience human-centered moments in pharma R&D and digital transformation.

To offer a truly exceptional experience, attendance is limited.

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