The ADAM/SAP Hybris Digital Asset Accelerator developed by EPAM is an efficient, push-to-all-channels eCommerce application extension which automates the connection, data exchange, and operations between a DAM system and SAP Hybris solutions (Commerce, Marketing, Billing, Cloud for Sales, Service).

The accelerator addresses challenges that many eCommerce organizations face today: desyncing digital assets, end-to-end product asset control, and channel-based target marketing.

When integrated into your eCommerce platform, the Digital Asset Accelerator ensures that all taxonomies are synced automatically, across all channels. As a result, product assets like images, videos, and warranty information can be automatically synchronized with SAP Hybris. Additionally, The Accelerator allows you to manage marketing campaigns and distribute your assets among different marketing channels based on personalized and localized data

The ADAM/SAP Hybris Digital Asset Accelerator developed by EPAM is a holistic solution for improving eCommerce workflows. The Accelerator is designed to benefit three groups:

  • The customer: A better user experience on the front-end of the website means an improved sales experience overall, leading to more conversions.
  • The back-end developer: Before the Digital Asset Accelerator, back-end developers were responsible for sifting through and realigning asset taxonomies. Now, they are free to focus on more technical, non-automatable work.
  • The accelerator end-user: Product and marketing experts inputting asset information into the DAM software are saving the company time and money, as the content syncs up automatically with the CMS.

Download the brochure to learn more about EPAM ADAM/SAP Hybris Digital Asset Accelerator and how it can help you redefine the way you integrate your digital assets into your e-commerce platform.