The Customer

Screwfix is a UK multi-channel supplier of trade tools, accessories and hardware products. Founded in 1979 the company was acquired in 1999 by the Kingfisher plc group, which also owns B&Q and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The Project Challenge

The client needed to deploy six new applications spanning multiple channels - stores, call centers and online - and enable an integrated sales order, finance and distribution process to increase its customer loyalty and satisfaction in a very short period of time. Agile engineering principles underpinned by rigorous testing and quality assurance were required to maintain business alignment with users, while delivering responsive applications rapidly.

The Approach and Solution

EPAM’s team incorporated a true top-to-bottom agile approach, one of the key principles of which was the adoption of Behavior Driven Development (BDD). This facilitated collaboration between business analysts, engineers and testers in creating scenarios and specifications to provide a unified approach to ensure all business needs were met, with:

  • Scenarios to create automated tests, that enabled the ability to test the code base while being developed, rather than post-delivery.
  • Tests to examine subsequent changes to business functionality, setting a baseline and raising visibility, successfully creating a sustainable test stack.
  • Reduced remediation and rework allowing for faster deployments.

The team also used specialized communications tools and an advanced “distributed agile SDLC,” which allowed for:

  • Seamlessly bridging both time and distance barriers with the client team.
  • Harmonization of the program requirements between the business and IT functions.
  • Real time results analysis, performance statistics and KPIs for the distributed teams.
  • The ability to identify and resolve production issues ahead of deployment, while continuously increasing user visits without disruption.

The Results

The project resulted in an increased volume of purchasing decisions and the deployment in-store applications.

EPAM demonstrated an advanced agile approach to QA and testing that is both operable and sustainable and delivered a project that meets the aims and targets set by the client including:

  • Automated regression running continuously (UI, Web Services).
  • A website that was rated "#1 site in Building and Construction" according to "Experian".
  • Becoming the first major company in its segment to use the fully integrated omnichannel sales platform resulting in winning new customers from competitors and increasing its market share.
  • Introducing Click-Pay-Collect feature resulted in an increase of mobile channel conversion rates.
  • Screwfixs’ approach is now being adopted by other members of Kingfisher plc group.

The project was awarded Retail Technology Initiative of the Year by Oracle and Retail Week magazine, and more recently recognized by the TESTA award ‘The Cigniti Technologies Best Agile Project’, for the best use of an agile approach in a software-testing project. This recognition validates the significant investment EPAM has made in driving the adoption of agile principles and defining best practices for testing within agile software engineering to significantly increase the value we offer our clients. Interested in learning more? Contact us to increase customer loyalty and speed up how you deploy applications and other business technologies.