Increasing Drilling Operational Productivity with Digital Platforms in the Oil & Gas Industry

Since 2004, EPAM has partnered with the client, a leading provider of oilfield technology solutions, to build new software products and develop the next generation of technology for the industry. Today, EPAM remains a top-tier technology partner to the client, providing support through every stage of the software development life cycle. We provide our expertise in:

  • Digital Platform Engineering;
  • Application Development;
  • Agile QA & Testing;
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Development;
  • DevOps;
  • Consulting.

Leveraging these services, EPAM has helped the client shorten product development time-to-market, optimize drilling operations, and make its processes more transparent, flexible, repeatable, and predictable.

Download the case study today to explore a few of the best practices and projects that demonstrate how EPAM has created valuable, game- changing software solutions that serve the Oil & Gas industry as a whole.