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The Forrester New Wave™: Computer Vision Consultancies, Q4 2020

Analyst Report

Forrester defines Computer Vision as “the tools and technology to analyze images and video in order to understand and interpret the objects and object features within the images and video.”

In The Forrester New Wave™: Computer Vision Consultancies, Q4 2020, Forrester evaluates the emerging market for computer vision (CV) consultancies. EPAM is positioned as a leader in the report, which includes the 13 vendors who Forrester believes matter most. EPAM’s ability to deliver innovative CV solutions to innovative CV leaders is one of the highlights in the vendor profile. Additionally, customers praised EPAM's ability to execute frictionless cross-disciplinary projects, building never-before-seen CV solutions that were also technically excellent in production.

We encourage you to download a complimentary copy of the report to learn more about CV consultancies and the criteria that Forrester used in the evaluation. 

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