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Forrester Vendor Landscape: Service Design Agency Overview, 2015

Analyst Report

According to a Forrester Vendor Landscape report on service design agencies from 2015, "The service design provider landscape has changed dramatically in a short time. Just two years ago, it was a sea of smaller firms concentrated in Europe. Today, a more varied profile emerges, with full-service design agencies and management consultancies claiming service design among their offerings."

"The field is moving from a lineup of small boutiques to a full-service provider model. Among service design agencies, some continue to specialize in targeted offerings like physical service design and organizational change,” Forrester reported. “But full-service digital and business systems providers have joined the game and bring new capabilities like quantitative analysis and business analytics to the field."

You can download the full report from Forrester here. If you’re interested in learning more about EPAM’s Service Design capabilities, please contact us today!

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