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Best Practices for Building Software-as-a-Service Mobile Apps

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This series of blogs is the culmination of group knowledge and experience, systematizing the best practices and rules we use while developing mobile apps.

Our motivation is to raise awareness of best practices in the modern mobile app development field. This initiative is inspired by the popular The Twelve-Factor App articles for building software-as-a-service apps.

The Twelve-Factor Mobile App

Today, mobile devices are more readily available and easy to use than desktop devices—you can simply carry them in your pocket or bag, unlike a laptop or desktop that needs a designated space to use. 

Because of the increasing prevalence and popularity of mobile devices, mobile application development is necessary for many businesses. There are specific criteria to consider and implement to effectively produce high-quality apps. 

The twelve-factor mobile app is a set of guidelines for building mobile apps. These guidelines help to build mobile apps that:

  • Act as a good citizen by honoring platform-specific app development guidelines
  • Gather both technical analytics data to improve user experience and user analytics data to make educated decisions on the app’s roadmap
  • Optimize web services API for mobile and take advantage of mobile app caching
  • Account for the irreversible nature of mobile app production releases to the public app stores.

These guidelines are meant to inform and instruct mobile app development specialists, and can be applied to mobile apps, written in any programming language, by using any mobile app development technology.


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