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EPAM eKids Program Continues to Build Global Momentum with Toronto Office


On the heels of the eKids rollout in the UK, EPAM Toronto has officially launched their first eKids workshop to teach kids about how computer science skills will be imperative to have in the future. Over the past few years, EPAM has been advocating technology education through the program and with the help of EPAM’s many volunteers, children around the world are learning unforgettable lessons about programming.

In October, EPAM Toronto partnered with a local middle school class to teach eighth grade students coding using the Scratch platform. After EPAM ran a pilot session and presented the material to the class teacher along with many of the students interested in coding, the school was eager to implement the program.

For the October program, out of several programming themes and level options, the school chose the Fashion and Design theme, which they thought would help drive a teamwork mentality among the students. This particular theme shows students how computer science and technology are used in the fashion industry by building fashion-themed programs like a fashion walk, a stylist tool and a pattern maker. The lessons are taught by seven EPAM volunteers once a week for 10 weeks to provide a comprehensive workshop.

“We love talking with the students because it helps them match what they are learning at school to what they might end up doing for a living. They also learn what classes and skills to focus on in high school and university to prepare them for their future careers. At this age when they are about to decide where to invest six to eight years of their lives to start an exciting career, it is very important to receive advice and discuss job opportunities,” says Karina Shlykova, Senior Business Analyst, EPAM Canada.

As technology skills become essential to everyday life, it’s important to introduce programming and software education at a young age. In response to continuous tech growth and evolution, the Canadian government has started increasing its efforts to incorporate classes that cover technology skills like coding into curriculums.

However, many teachers across the country do not have the necessary skills or resources to teach coding, so leveraging easy-to-teach and quick-to-learn platforms like Scratch will be even more crucial. For the future of IT, it’s vital that institutions focus on tech-related education and team up with volunteers from tech companies like EPAM to realize such a paramount initiative.

Launched in the summer of 2015, EPAM eKids is now active in 14 countries across our global locations. To learn more, visit our Social Responsibility page.

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