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Five Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore your Company’s Content Strategy

Elizabeth Rich

Director, Content Strategy, EPAM

Recently I was asked how a financial services client could create a better content experience for their customers. As I began to list the ways in which the content strategy could be improved, I was met with silence. “That’s great, but can’t you just tell me how to make the content better?”

To quote the movie Apollo 13, “Houston, we have a problem.”

Creating good content for your consumer is important, but it’s only one of the components to a truly great content strategy. A content strategy not only includes the “words on the page,” but also the content structure (written, video, images), the governance, the best practices in brand and voice, and the SEO. Here are the top five reasons why you can’t afford to ignore your content strategy.


1. Your organization will see better returns on your content investment

Your company has invested time and resources into creating a great customer experience. But what if your customer can’t find what she’s looking for? Six months from now, how will you uphold your content standards and continue to maintain that content? A recent multinational energy client had over 300 websites in over 40 countries. Working out a governance plan for their organization took teamwork, a deep understanding of their assets, and consistent feedback with the client. In the end, the governance plan we recommend fits the client’s needs and streamlines the existing staff structure without adding to the client’s bottom line.

Our content strategists also look deeply into client SEO, providing nuanced recommendations for complex business solutions. Recently, the content strategy team reviewed a client’s keyword structure and made recommendations for localizing the company’s digital experience with a few minor back-end tweaks. We were able to provide the client with actionable insights that could be implemented immediately. As a result, the client can deliver a more personalized experience to its users.


2. Shorter content migration = better bottom line

By offering content migration management and solutions, EPAM Empathy Lab®’ content strategy team supports the development and creation of digital products. A more integrated approach ensures faster turnaround for your organization’s digital initiatives.

Our team recently created a proprietary product for a large multinational client to help their internal team track each content page and property, as well as manage the lifecycle of their content. Their staff is now able to create and manage content efficiently while retaining oversight of their digital properties, saving time that used to be wasted hunting for content. The time saved will increase productivity of its staff as well as produce higher quality content pages.


3. Content management solutions can improve internal user experiences, too

Creating a great customer experience isn’t enough if our client finds it difficult to update and maintain. Content strategists are suckers for efficiency. EPAM Empathy Lab®’ content strategy team can balance solutions that address core business challenges and fit your content needs and staff experience, so that a new CMS accelerates operations for content curators.


4. An updated content strategy works for your business

How is your content working to convert your potential customer? Are there confusing moments in your digital content journey? Don’t lose the opportunity to sell your brand because your content is difficult to navigate. Content strategists work to identify consumer pain points in their digital journey, understand what’s working within the current content, and determine what can be optimized for better conversion. Which leads to…


5. Your company could be leaving money on the table without a full content strategy

How many potential consumers are leaving your site because of frustration? A content strategist can analyze customer behavior and help ensure they are finding their way to conversion.

If you’re assessing an investment in your digital experience, content strategy is part of your digital product’s journey. Another quote from Apollo 13 reminds us that failure isn’t an option. An investment in content strategy as part of an overall digital strategy can ensure that your organization continues to see success.

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