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How Scriptless Test Automation Makes Software Development More Agile

Srinivas Labhani

Director, Software Testing, EPAM

Since its introduction in 2001, Agile has gone from a tech buzzword to the most popular software development methodology of the 21st century. Project managers, analysts, engineers, developers, and testers have come to embrace the initially unorthodox alternative to long-term project modeling, developing technologies in rapid, two-week sprints with the goal of achieving continuous delivery, gaining more rapid feedback, and providing end users with world-class products faster than ever before.

Agile has many documented advantages, but what Agile does best is respond to change – changes in requirements, changes in technologies, changes in project scope, etc. It truly allows teams to iterate development, in effect saving time, money, and frustration by ensuring that each task has an immediate purpose, and that projects meet client expectations and requirements at every stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). It allows business leaders and technologists to align their goals in real-time, thus alleviating the risk for inconsistent or inefficient workflows.

This sort of business-technology alignment has become a large part of the conversation when it comes to software testing. For years, businesses have been trying to find the best way to align functional and technical personnel, with focused efforts dialing in on how professionals can achieve a better understanding of one another’s work by standardizing workflows, performing daily stand-ups, and linking the two groups with intuitive frameworks that don’t require years of technical training to use. With its proven track record of enabling business and technology personnel to work together on testing complex, enterprise-grade apps, scriptless test automation software is certainly one of those frameworks.


Key Features & Advantages of Common Scriptless Test Automation Framework

Before the advent of scriptless test automation software, technical personnel were responsible for all of the testing, all of the time. With scriptless test automation software, however, functional personnel, including business analysts and strategists, can automate testing for scenarios that were formerly reserved for technical personnel to tackle via manual testing. For more insight into how it works, consider some of the key features and advantages of scriptless test automation software:

  • It is a human programming language that allows non-technical team members to write automation scripts without writing code
  • Automation is achieved by simply entering English words into designated controls
  • Intuitive user interface makes software easy to use
  • All tests are automatically documented, making it simple to figure out what action was performed on which object with what value (if applicable)
  • Users can upload entire spreadsheet with loads of data to execute the same script against multiple data conditions
  • Mobile apps exist for the software, so users can test anywhere they go
  • Solutions are reusable, extendable, and modular for almost any development project
  • Functional discussion and review of test cases becomes simplified when the language is easy to understand
  • A portion of technical debt is eliminated when script maintenance efforts are reduced
  • Development and maintenance processes become significantly faster, giving all parties involved more time to focus on areas beyond tedious manual testing

These features and advantages of scriptless test automation help create a more Agile project environment where testing is done concurrently with development, and no time is wasted on integrating untested, buggy functionality – or entire apps, for that matter. After all, Agile is all about collaboration, transparency, and change management, which are three key areas in which your organization can benefit when going scriptless.


EPAM’s Solution for Going Scriptless: InsideEdge xAFT

As a leader in product development and digital platform engineering services, EPAM has invested significant resources into developing our own scriptless test automation software, InsideEdge xAFT, which accelerates the process of automated testing on multi-tier applications and can perform targeted automation against identified tiers, including UI, services, database, and mobile platforms.

The solution shares many of the same features and advantages described in the blog, helping many of our clients to achieve higher test automation coverage across their application portfolio. To learn more about the specifics of the software, download our InsideEdge xAFT one-pager or contact us today!

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