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“We’re Not Going to Take it Anymore and We’re Demanding Time with Our Patients!”

The Resonance Test 35: Dr. Eric Topol

Jonathon Swersey

Director, Innovation Consulting, EPAM Continuum

Ken Gordon

Content, Communication and Community Strategist, EPAM Continuum
  • Healthcare

Dr. Eric Topol isn’t playing around. The author of Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again wants physicians to become activists — and to use technology to transform medicine. “That’s where we need to see the breakout. Doctors leading this charge, getting organized, and saying: ‘We’re not going to take it anymore and we’re demanding time with our patients!’” Artificial intelligence and machine learning, he says, can help us turn things around. However, adds Dr. Topol, this is far from a consensus opinion. “I think the idea that technology could enhance humanity in medicine is alien in this country.” In a spirited discussion with our own Jonathon Swersey, the good doctor touches on “the gift of time,” the role of patients and caregivers in the AI revolution, and how data should figure in healthcare’s future (“Right now, we have only fragments of people’s data about their health. Whereas we should have every part of their data from when they were in the womb up to the present moment”). We even learn, from this dialogue, which book we should read after we finish Deep Medicine. Tune in and download the latest chapter in the story of digital health.

Host: Pete Chapin
Editor: Kyp Pilalas
Producer: Ken Gordon

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