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EPAM e-Kids Share Thoughts on Tech and the Scratch Coding Program, Pt. 1


As this year’s Scratch Conference in Budapest draws nearer, we’ve been reminiscing about the 20,000+ volunteer hours dedicated to helping 1,200+ students learn how to code through EPAM e-Kids. So, we sat down with seven e-Kids from around the world to discuss their experience with the program.

This four-part series features Zoe, 9, and Maya, 5, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as well as Norbert, 16, Kristóf, 16, Olivér, 16, and Olga, 14 from Szeged, Hungary and Ivan Shatilov, 9, from Gomel, Belarus, who gave us some very insightful responses:

Can you tell me why you wanted to learn about technology?

Zoe: I had a computer class at my school and I liked it, so I wanted to learn more. My friend told me about the library program and I’ve been going every week. Also, my dad is a computer scientist!

Maya: I want to be a teacher because I want to teach kids how to learn things. Or maybe a doctor.

Norbert: I started programming in Turbo Pascal when I was in seventh grade. That was when I got excited about it. I love that I don’t have to pay attention to anything else while coding.

Kristóf: I have started getting to know IT in secondary school. I know that IT is very important in every field, and it is a good option to make a living.

Olivér: I was in seventh grade when I started playing computer games. I was very interested in how games and websites are built. Then I wanted to know everything about computers, and now about programming too.

Olga: I find IT to be a very creative discipline and it can be widely used, since it involves a lot of important and useful innovation. Also, a good professional can find a job easily in this field.

What is your favorite thing about technology, i.e. app, device, program, etc.?

Zoe: I liked the class where we learned how to collect things in a game. I like using Scratch to make games with it. My favorite thing is to make storylines.

Norbert: Logic, the logic of applications, and assembly programming. But I would like to get to know deeper programming structures in the future.

Kristóf: Mobile applications

Olivér: Websites, mobile applications and Windows applications

Olga: I am most interested in programming. I would like to choose this if my further studies will be in the IT field. I have not tried application development yet, but it is among my future plans.

Ivan: You can make something of your own and get inspiration from other kids’ projects.


Stay tuned for what comes next in EPAM e-Kids Share Thoughts on Tech and the Scratch Coding Program Pt. 2!

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