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EPAM e-Kids Share Thoughts on Tech and the Scratch Coding Program, Pt. 2


And we’re back with part 2 of our series… Let’s see what else these seven EPAM e-Kids had to say about their experience with coding:

Do you like working with Scratch? Was it hard to learn?

Zoe: Working with Scratch wasn’t too hard because it’s not all numbers and it’s not all pictures. Once you learn how to do it, you catch on.

Maya: I use Scratch Jr. and I like making movies instead of pictures, and creating new people.

Norbert: I got to know Scratch when I was 14 years old. It was not hard to learn. It’s a good social activity.

Kristóf: My teacher inspired me to start learning it. It was not hard to learn. There is a Hungarian translation in it and it is easy to use because it is logical.

Olivér: It was not hard to learn it. It teaches the basics of programming, it is very good for building a community and it is colorful.

Olga: I like working with Scratch because it is easy to use. If you start a project, you can personalize it easily, like with sprites and their costumes and the simple changing and setting of backgrounds.

Ivan: When I’m doing a project, I like doing something just for fun – something that spins or yells.  The coordinate plane [was hard to learn], because I haven’t done that in school yet. I had to draw a lot to figure it out, but now it’s easy.

How about the people that taught you Scratch – do you like learning from the EPAM volunteers?

Zoe: They are helpful. If there is a bug or a block that I find, they help me solve it and answer my questions.

Maya: My favorite bug is a butterfly!

Norbert: Everybody was very helpful. I feel like I am important there. We got tips about project testing, version control and an introduction to project management.

Kristóf: I was worried when I came to EPAM for the first time, but everybody was very kind and the atmosphere was positive too.

Olivér: The presentation was exciting and I was not bored.

Olga: Yes, I really enjoyed the trainings. I also found the environment of the trainings inspiring, and the trainers were helpful and explained everything clearly.

Ivan: We have two teachers – a girl and a boy. Sometimes we have one teacher for a lesson, sometimes both.  It’s better when we have both, because there are more questions then.

Have you met any other kids through Scratch? Tell me about the friends you’ve made.

Zoe: I met this boy who was in Kindergarten. He was really smart and we helped each other.

Norbert & Kristóf: The hackathon brought us together, because we had been classmates for only two months. We built a good relationship with our mentor.

Olivér: It brought us closer with our classmates.

Olga: Yes, I made friends with a girl during Skool Klub trainings. We also participated in the ‘Scratch Meccs’ programming competition as teammates.

Ivan: I liked a project by another boy at the last Scratch competition in Orsha. He didn’t just do a cartoon about a fish called Jestra – there’s [also] a lesson about helping others where you get a reward. Jestra helped other underwater creatures, and then they saved her when she got caught. But we haven’t talked in a while – he lives in Minsk, and I’m in Gomel.

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