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EPAM e-Kids Share Thoughts on Tech and the Scratch Coding Program, Pt. 4


That’s all, folks… Let’s hear some final thoughts from these EPAM e-Kids about their experience with coding.

What would you tell other kids who are looking to learn about technology?

Zoe: If you get stuck, it’s ok, everyone gets stuck sometimes. You don’t need to start [with a complicated project] – some people need to start small and go bigger. Someone created this Mario game on Scratch, which was so cool but really hard to do. But that person just started learning Scratch with a simple, animated game.

Norbert: Try everything in secondary school and find what interests you the most.

Kristóf:  Learn a lot, and think it through.

Olivér: Make a decision about which part of IT you would like to work with and concentrate specifically on that.

Olga: If you would like to learn programming, I would suggest and Scratch. Another suggestion is to learn English, if you have not done that yet.

Ivan: When you already understand it, it’s not hard. But at the beginning you have to think about which block you need to make the cat turn 360 degrees.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Zoe: I’d like to be a lawyer or a computer scientist. I like helping people.

Norbert: I would like to be remembered for making the world a better place.

Kristóf:  A happy person, but I do not know yet.

Olivér: A programmer, a CAD-CAM specialist or a network engineer.

Olga: Most likely I would like to work in physics and/or chemistry, combining [those fields] with my experience in programming.

So, when you are not playing with technology – what is your favorite thing to do?

Zoe: Right now, I’m in a theatre camp for the summer. I also play viola and I like to read.

Norbert: Training, running and karate. It is important to clear your mind. I also like reading about programming, marketing and psychology.

Kristóf: With sports like football, I try to exhaust myself because I have too much energy. I like watching movies to understand the real meaning of stories.

Olivér: Sports, Judo. Sports clear and switch off my mind. I do not think about anything else while doing it.

Olga: I like reading very much. I read fantasy novels mainly, but I also like the classic ones.

Ivan: I love Legos and I am part of a robots club. I like making machines for the zombie apocalypse. Not everything has to be neat and tidy, and I like that. For my first school project, I made a robot transformer with moving arms out of Legos, and a frog. Legos develop your mind and logic, and other useful skills. I also like drawing and making monsters out of modeling clay. I got some once as a present and made a dragon out of it. And you can combine modeling clay with Legos – if I don’t have teeth for a monster, I can make them out of clay.

We enjoyed getting to know some of the EPAM e-Kids more through these interviews and hope that they continue learning to code. Stay tuned for more information about Scratch Conference 2017 and other e-Kids program events!

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