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EPAM Wealth Management Consultants Interviewed at WealthBriefing Singapore

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At a WealthBriefing executive roundtable event sponsored by EPAM in Singapore, a panel of experts on digital transformation in private banking gathered to discuss how technology can help wealth management firms offer better service to their customers and potentially achieve improved investment performance. Watch the interviews with experts from EPAM’s Wealth Management Practice to learn more:

Glenn Hempel, Global Head of Wealth & Asset Management Consulting, EPAM, weighs in on a variety of topics, including the viability of innovation labs, the lack of client centricity in current digital transformation efforts, and the ongoing evolution of the role of the relationship manager at wealth management firms. Hear more from Glenn in his white paper, “Digital Transformation 2.0 in Wealth Management: Achieving Traction & Focus for Future Growth.”

Heiko Sundermann, Head of Wealth & Asset Management, EPAM, tackles questions on how banks are dealing with the shift to a fee-based advisory model, how midsized and small banks can keep up with process industrialization, and what it takes to bring digital transformation in wealth management from end to end. Get even more insights from Heiko by reading his white paper, “The Transition to Fee-Based Advice, Building a Compelling Value Proposition and an Industrialized Advisory Process.” 

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