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“You Can’t Just Take a Piece of Code and License it to Google and Hope that Someone Uses It”

The Resonance Test 37: John Brownstein

Ken Gordon

Content, Communication and Community Strategist, EPAM Continuum
  • Healthcare

How about that John Brownstein, PhD, eh? The Chief Innovation Officer at Boston Children’s Hospital, digital epidemiologist, Canadian, fan of hot peppers and the cinema of Wes Anderson, Brownstein recently skated over to EPAM Continuum’s Boston studio for a chinwag with our Ken Gordon. The conversation ranged all over the ice, from voice computing (“We think that voice, especially for patients, whether in the home or the hospital… it’s very empowering”), to digital phenotypes, to population health (“There’s a whole field of disease forecasting that’s taking its lessons from weather forecasting”). Tune in for an informative, and fun, face-off.

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Host: Pete Chapin
Editor: Kyp Pilalas
Producer: Ken Gordon

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