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Becoming a Digital Native

A Look at DevOps, Cloud, and What’s Around the Corner for 2019

White Paper

Innovation happens in hours and minutes; not in days or months. Looking to the near future, we’ll see even more systems integrate with both DevOps and the cloud. In fact, we’ll see entire DevOps processes migrated into the cloud. Once DevOps practices and the cloud are truly unified, you open the door for so many other opportunities.

When it comes to 2019 DevOps concepts, it’s extremely important for organizations to keep in mind that DevOps is NOT just for developers. Too often, a person not directly involved with DevOps envisions a bunch of coders doing some kind of development operation without really understanding what that means. There is so much more to the story and the process in DevOps.

Download the full white paper to learn more about what it means to become a digital native, and to take a closer look at DevOps, cloud and what’s around the corner for 2019.

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