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How the Era of Digital Activation Will Change Traveler Loyalty Programs

White Paper
  • Travel & Hospitality

With access to new technology and data analytics increasing every day, along with rising traveler expectations, travel loyalty programs are undergoing significant changes. Traditional transactional rewards will soon be a thing of the past. For all industries, but especially the travel industry, finding a way to differentiate loyalty programs and offer value to customers will be critical.

Our latest white paper, “How the Era of Digital Activation Will Change Traveler Loyalty Programs,” focuses on the history of loyalty programs in the travel industry, as well as some of the ways that airlines, hotels, rental car agencies, and online travel agencies can keep up with innovation and differentiate themselves in both the near- and long-term. Possible solutions include personalization, traveler engagement programs, blockchain, and others, all of which are covered in the white paper.

For the full story on how loyalty programs are shifting and what travel companies can do to keep up, download the white paper today!

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