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From Legacy to Innovation: Transforming the Role of Banks in the Payments Industry

White Paper
  • Financial Services

Payments are changing with every new regulation, technology, and customer demand, but what will it take for banks and other financial services providers to keep up with change in the near to long term? The latest whitepaper from EPAM and Finextra goes in-depth on this subject and many others, presenting industry players with a combination of business and technology strategies that could serve to affect market-winning change in payments and beyond.

The paper features interviews from thought leaders of leading banks like Citi, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, ING, and many more, and these insights put the reader on the front lines of what’s really happening in payments. Key focus areas include security, regulations, technology change, business strategy, and other places where banks are actively investing time and resources to stay ahead of their competition. All in all, it’s must-read material for anyone involved in payments, whether you’re a fintech or a legacy bank looking to refine its payments strategy.

For a complete breakdown of some of the best ways to win customer trust, harness new technologies, and seamlessly comply with emerging regulations, download the whitepaper or contact us today!

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