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Gearing up for Automotive’s Next Frontier

Alex Agizim

CTO, Automotive & Embedded Systems, EPAM
White Paper
  • Automotive

From the advent of the Model-T to the promise of self-driving cars, the automotive industry has changed drastically in the past century. As technology continues to become more sophisticated and consumers expect vehicle digitalization, there’s mounting pressure to transform from mechanical-centric to software-defined vehicles.

One thing is certain: the automotive industry is facing another monumental wave of change. Looking ahead to 2030, connected, autonomous, shared and electric (C.A.S.E.) mobility services are expected to dominate the automotive market, offering quicker, safer, more efficient, more cost-effective and more customized transportation opportunities.

With C.A.S.E.’s reign over the industry, it’s time for automotive companies to think beyond their traditional service offerings. To stay relevant and withstand disruption, manufacturers and suppliers will have to implement innovative, software-based solutions.

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