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Intelligent Automation in Life Sciences Commercial Operations: Enhancing the Customer Experience without Increasing Costs

Broderick Jones

Managing Principal, Health and Life Sciences Practice

Stas Chulsky

Senior Manager, Intelligent Automation Practice

Regine Jones

Senior Manager, Health and Life Sciences Practice
White Paper
  • Life Sciences

As the key customers of life sciences companies, patients, providers and pharmacies are all demanding an enhanced customer experience and broader commercial services as the healthcare model continues to evolve. To be successful, life sciences companies must meet these high customer expectations while also maintaining tight cost control. Deploying intelligent automation (IA) within commercial operations can liberate funds to shape a better customer experience and bring treatments to market.

In this white paper, we explore some of the IA use cases with the highest potential across three sub-areas of commercial operations: marketing, sales and service.

  • Marketing: Deploy IA to automate core activities associated with DAM to reduce the need for manual data entry and increase operation margins
  • Sales: Remove the need for human intervention in resource allocation by deploying IA and BI tools backed by supervised ML
  • Service: Leverage IA-driven capabilities like conversational agents, chatbots and RPA to speed and enhance the patient experience

Download the full white paper to read the details of how to make the above now. 

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