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Mobile China: WeChat Strategy for Retail Brands

Geoffrey Parsons

Senior User Experience Designer, EPAM Hong Kong

Sue Su

User Experience Designer, EPAM China
White Paper
  • Retail & Consumer

Since its arrival on Chinese mobile devices in January 2011, WeChat has dominated the mobile landscape, amassing over 700 million active users and over 40% of messaging market share in APAC1 and edging out competitors like Facebook, Weibo, Viber, and Whatsapp. Beyond messaging, millions of consumers and thousands of brands are using WeChat for mobile eCommerce, as 31% of WeChat users purchased a good or service through the popular digital platform in 20162.

For retail brands with a presence in China, these statistics cannot be ignored given the unquestionable impact WeChat is having on the Chinese eCommerce market. For brands that need to know the latest about marketing and selling on WeChat, this whitepaper:

  • Examines some of the broader eCommerce and digital behavior trends observed through EPAM’s work with clients across the region;
  • Summarizes findings from ethnographic research with participants in Chinese Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities;
  • Provides recommendations for businesses considering market entry or their market strategy in China.

Download the whitepaper now for the full story on WeChat, mobile eCommerce, and how your brand can take advantage of the platform’s rapid growth.


1. Tencent Data, 2016


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